Ways to Enhance Your Home and Vehicle Security

There are a number of ways to enhance your home and vehicle security. You can make sure your house and vehicle are protected with locks and alarm systems. It is important to keep your keys and other valuable items out of sight. The most valuable items to protect are jewellery, cash, and electronic appliances. Jewellery and cash should be locked away and secured in safes. Although you should take care to insure your car, you should consider home insurance to ensure your goods are protected.

For your home, it is crucial to secure all points of access. This includes deadbolts, locks, and other devices that prevent entry. While most homeowners have not paid much attention to the security of their homes and vehicles, more people are taking steps to increase their security in light of the fact that car crime statistics show no sign of easing up across the UK. The following are some simple ways to enhance your home and vehicle security.

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You can improve the security of your home by installing deadbolts on windows and doors as these can help increase your home’s security. Most doors come with strike plates that give way when they are kicked, so it is important to secure these with long screws that go through the door casing or wall itself. These extra long screws will also improve the strength of your hinges. This will keep burglars from breaking into your home.

Keeping your vehicle and home locked is an essential part of home security. If you have an expensive car, you should consider storing it in a garage as opposed to on the street. Immobilisers and alarms will help you to prevent your vehicle being stolen. For information on the Ghost Car Alarm, visit a site such as www.mphvehiclesolutions.co.uk/ghost-vehicle-security

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Joining a neighbourhood watch group is a great way to protect your street from theft and vandalism. Neighbours can share information regarding suspicious activity, which helps keep your neighbourhood safe.

You can also use driveway camera systems to improve your home security. If you have a driveway, make sure that it is well-lit and well-monitored. Motion sensor lighting and home camera systems are a great way to protect your property and your vehicles. Homeowners should lock the doors even when they are at home. If the doors and windows are left unlocked for long periods of time, thieves will see it as a target and enter after they have distracted you. Place a warning sign on the door that your property is alarmed and monitored to deter burglars from targeting you.

Don’t forget to properly secure outbuildings too, as sheds are a common target for thieves. Sheds can often contain expensive gardening equipment and bicycles, for example. Don’t overlook these areas when you carry out your own security assessment.



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