How to fix transmission fluid coming out of vent tube

How to fix transmission fluid coming out of vent tube

Some of the fluids coming out of your transmission can be normal, but there are others that should be checked. If you notice any of these symptoms and see that your fluid is not what it should be, then you need to bring your vehicle in for a diagnostic check up.

Causes of transmission fluid coming out of vent tube

How to fix transmission fluid coming out of vent tube

There are many causes for this, but it will be broken down. Low fluid level due to transmission skipping gears or leaking seals. Transmission damage from excessive heat and/or overloading of the transmission: Over time your vehicle’s valuable parts will wear out — like transmissions! They might start to leak by themselves with normal usage because they have gotten too hot. That is common in vehicles that sit a long amount of time between routine maintenance, or cars that have had their gears rebuilt. Upkeep is a key component in the life of any transmission and can include fluid changes to extend it’s lifespan.

Transmission oil mixes with water in an automatic transmission. This will make plenty of noise and slickness through the gears, increasing wear in the transmission. Many newer vehicles have been designed to prevent this from happening by using solid shift solenoids with an automatic torque converter lock-up clutch that prevents gear “shifts” during very wet or snowy conditions.

Is there anything else that could be causing this problem?

There’s a lot of stuff that can cause it.  Minor things, such as letting your transmission stay hot by not keeping the fluid full after adding in new fluid with proper maintenance. Your air intake temperature can rise and raise the transmission’s operating range too which will make good parts like transmissions wear out faster than they should be. You might hear something rattling while driving and maybe even feel something moving around inside . The really weird things that can cause it are extreme temperature swings, like those made by a vehicle parked in the sun all at once.

How to fix transmission fluid coming out of vent tube?

Follow the steps to fix transmission fluid coming out of vent tube:

1. Place transmission in park, block engine from turning, and spray all over the area around vent tube

2. After one minute spray on an anti-slip agent such as WD40 or grease/silicone lubricant such as Moly Lube Grease (MPG), apply liberally with a rag to prevent leaks of fluids if leaking occurs again before full cure comes about and keep vehicle upright for at least another 5 minutes after applying lubricant so that the lubrication process can take place inside of transmission.

3. Within an hour, start engine and allow to run for a few minutes then return to park position.

4. After one more hour reassemble with new filters if necessary (NOTE: Fluid plugs available only from your Mopar Dealer) and drive vehicle as normal view any leaks when starting or driving at freeway speeds .


Sometimes, a transmission fluid leak can cause a transmission to become sluggish or even fail. If you notice this happening, here are some things you can do to check for the leak: Use your hazard lights and turn on the ignition. Listen for noises from the engine compartment. Check for transmission fluid leaks with your dipstick. If you find that there is a leak, take your car to an auto repair shop immediately!

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