The 9 BMW EfficientDynamics solutions

BMW EfficientDynamics

A couple of months ago we read this report that indicated that CO2 emissions were growing again in Europe after a long time. The rise of the SUV bodies, together with the demonization of diesel makes it very difficult for manufacturers to achieve the emissions reduction targets set for 2021. BMW EfficientDynamics solutions are here.

Eye, that the brands have worked a lot since then and the clearest example we have in BMW. Pay attention to this fact. In 2006 its average CO2 emissions in the range were 186 g / km. In 2016, the figure fell to 124 g / km (and in 2017 even more, to 121.8 g / km ), according to study data made by the European Transport and Environment Federation (T & E).

How did they do it? Because it will not be because they do not have SUVs in the range of powerful gasoline engines. Well, with the EfficientDynamics strategy, a set of solutions and technologies to reduce consumption and emissions as much as possible, as well as to investigate alternative driving technologies and their integration in the product range.

There is still a lot of work to be done to reach the average of 95 g / km of CO2 that the European Union demands. But focusing on these points that led them to reduce their average emissions by 48.6%, it seems that BMW is on the right track:

1.Efficient and exciting enginesBMW EfficientDynamics

The EfficientDynamics thrusters (both diesel and gasoline) have the TwinPower Turbo technology, which helps to reduce consumption and emissions by 5%. It is mechanical three, four or six cylinders in line that can be mounted in the longitudinal or transverse arrangement.

As each cylinder has 500 ccs of capacity to produce them in a scalable way they can share most of the pieces, up to 60% with the same fuel. They have the latest injection technology; direct (gasoline) and common conduit (diesel), variable and continuous control of the camshafts, the variable regulation system of the lift of valves …

Also the diesel? Yes, the propulsors of the group with this fuel have diesel particulate filter and NOx catalyst (since 2007 the entire range). In addition, they can be equipped with a selective catalytic reduction system, SCR, that purify emissions with AdBlue. Keep reading- The airbag, the lifesaver of your car

2.Light construction

The less weight you have to move, the less energy is consumed. The BMW LightWeight system reduces the weight of the components without losing sight of the stiffness of the body and excellent passive safety for the driver and passengers. It also improves dynamism thanks to a balanced distribution of weight between the front and rear axles. The best exponents of this philosophy are the BMW i3 and BMW i8, the first carbon fiber bodywork vehicles manufactured in a large series.

3.Optimized aerodynamicsBMW EfficientDynamics

The resistance to the advance produced by the air consumes a lot of energy. So you have to bet on vehicles In addition to the overall design of the vehicle. The BMW Group has devised intelligent solutions that optimize aerodynamic drag. Which positively influences efficiency and stability, and reduces the level of loudness in the interior.

AirVent control: Presented in 2007, this system closes the air intakes before the radiator, depending on the ventilation needs. This also helps the engine to heat up faster (spending less and lengthening its life).

Rear spoiler active: deploys from 110 km / h, reducing aerodynamic resistance and optimizing grip with the load it provides. At 70 km / h, it automatically retracts.

Air curtain: The air that enters through the holes in the front skirt accelerates when passing through channels of decreasing caliber and is carried to the wheel arches. This reduces the turbulence and aerodynamic drag of the vehicle.

4.An intelligent energy management systemBMW EfficientDynamics

The plug-in hybrids of the firm are the big beneficiaries. The system is able to recognize slopes and know what type of energy (fuel or electricity) to use to make it more efficient. That way, he spends more electricity if he knows that afterward comes a big descent to recover it, for example.

5.Intelligent Auto Start & Stop

The first BMW models with EfficientDynamics technology already used the Start & Stop system, which stops the engine at stops. Now, it takes into account data from cameras, radars, navigator, GPS … so that it comes into operation before (if it detects that you arrive at a roundabout it does not stop it, if the car before you moves, it will start the engine …)

6.Regenerative braking systemBMW EfficientDynamics

The BMW Brake Energy Regeneration system generates energy when the vehicle brakes, moves by inertia or decelerates. It improves fuel economy by up to 3% and ensures that the engine has all its power to accelerate. Its use is even more efficient in ActiveHybrid or ActiveE models, where it increases the autonomy of the vehicle by up to 20%.

7.ECO PRO Mode

The ECO PRO button controls accelerator and transmission parameters, as well as air conditioning. You can reduce consumption by up to 20%. It is also part of the BMW Connected app. Which evaluates the driving style (its efficiency when accelerating, braking and changing gears) and proposes improvements.

8.Tires, gear shift, and electric power steering

BMW uses low rolling resistance tires on these models. Nor is there an indicator of the most efficient moment to change gears.

Electric power steering prevents energy from being wasted since an electric motor replaces the conventional hydraulic mechanism. The electric motor only activates when the driver really moves the steering wheel, the rest of the time remains inactive and does not consume energy.

9.Architecture BMW eDriveBMW EfficientDynamics

Key in the plugin hybrids of the brand. The eDrive architecture allows you to drive only with electric power. And, in addition, cover long distances linking the combustion engine. Highlight the good acceleration data. And the boost function allows combining the torque delivered by both throttle systems in acceleration. It is the BMW EfficientDynamics solutions.

The synchronous electric motor, the high-voltage lithium battery and the intelligent management of energy are part of this system. It can be combined with three and four-cylinder petrol engines. In classic rear-wheel drive cars or with BMW xDrive all-wheel drive.

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