How to Childproof Your Car for Your Next Family Trip

Your car is your pride and your joy. But so are your kids and your family. How do you pay attention to both without either party feeling neglected or relegated to second-place? The next time you’re planning a long road trip or a vacation with your family, childproof your car so your children, your partner, and you have an enjoyable experience, while your car stays spotless and in mint condition. Here are three ways of childproofing your car.

Prepare for Car-Based Activities in Advance

If your kids are bored, they’ll be far more fidgety, messy, and irritable. That’s why keeping your children (gainfully!) occupied is one of the best ways of keeping your car clean and unharmed. Prepare in advance. Before you leave on your holiday, create a list of the things your children like and that can keep them happy and occupied while you’re driving. Carry their favorite toys, books, and their tablet. You could also consider getting a few inexpensive toys in advance and keep them in the car. This way, when your kids uncover the toys for the first time, the toys will still be new and novel and keep them occupied for some time.

If it’s a longer trip, mix it up. Try playing a movie on the tablet. Or give them a few activities in the car and keep small prizes for the completion of each. You can create fun but also educational games with prizes at the end too. For example, ask them to write a short story or a poem around a theme or word they get to pick. You can carry a small, portable keyboard to attach to the tablet, such as one of the Lenovo Kids Keyboards. You’ll also need a portable breakfast tray and a kids’ computer mouse. And voila, your children will be able to apply their creative skills on the go and have some non-messy fun!

Take Frequent Breaks

Kids love to move around. Take frequent breaks so they can stretch and walk around. They’ll be far less fidgety once back in the car if you do this. Also, more breaks mean more opportunities for eating and toileting. You can limit eating snacks to the pre-planned breaks. This can save the car from getting messy. It also is safer to limit eating in the car because if there is a choking or safety incident, you might not be able to get to them in time if you’re driving.

Don’t Compromise on Safety

Keeping your kids happy and your car unharmed is great. But you don’t need to compromise on safety for that. Driving safe is the best way to protect your family and your car. Make sure you have car seats for the right weight and age range. Also, ensure everyone has seatbelts on. Stay away from road-raging drivers. Stay calm, let them pass, and don’t engage if you bump into one.

Childproofing your car is a worthwhile investment of your time that continues to pay off. When done well, childproofing your car allows you and your family to make fabulous memories without worrying about spills or messes. It’s the best way to keep your kids safe and happy, and your car better than ever.

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