5 Things You Can Do Now To Prepare for Winter

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Whether you savor the snowflakes or hate the winter weather, you know the chill in the air means winter is just around the corner. Before the snowy days and frosty nights set in, there are five things you can do right now to prepare.

Get Your Heat Checked

There’s nothing worse than turning up the thermostat on the first frosty day only to discover the heat isn’t working. Make sure you have your system checked and serviced early. If you have an older system that you’ve been putting off overhauling, consider replacing your heat pump with a new Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Burlington MA this year.

Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries

The changing season should serve as a reminder that it’s time to replace those smoke alarm batteries. In addition, make sure carbon monoxide alarms are in working order so your family is well protected.

Service Your Vehicles

With temperatures plummeting, it’s important to make sure your vehicle’s radiator is flushed and protected with antifreeze. Now is also a good time to replace worn tires and check that you have emergency supplies such as warm blankets and extra clothing in the event you’re stranded in winter weather conditions.

Clean Chimneys and Vents

You’ll be using your fireplace and furnace, so you’ll need to have the vents and chimneys cleaned. Not only will it clear out dirt and vermin that may have taken up residence there, but your family will be safe from carbon monoxide and fire hazards.

Purchase Snow Gear

It seems that the first snowfall is the time most people consider purchasing a new snow shovel or snow blower. Before the first flake hits the ground, take inventory of what you already have and purchase anything you might need for this year. You can also stock up on supplies like ice melt and rock salt before there’s a run on all of it.

Planning in advance for winter is a great way to get a jump on the season. Whether you love it or hate it, have everything ready before the cold settles in for good.

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