Useful Accessories for your Car

There are so many car accessories available to buy that it can be tough to know which ones are really useful and which ones might just be surplus to requirements. Here are some top car accessories that you should definitely make room for in your vehicle today:

TyrePal Solar

This is a truly helpful gadget that keeps your tyres at the right pressure and benefits your fuel economy. Without this gadget, you don’t know when your tyres might be deflating. Driving on deflated tyres can affect your suspension, your tyre tread depth and decreases your fuel economy. You need a warning system. The gadget can be retro-fitted to your car and provides a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. All you need to do is remove the dust caps and attach the wireless monitors. You don’t even need to get your wheels rebalanced.

A separate display is mounted on your dashboard and it gets its power from solar energy. The solar power should be all the device needs but it also comes with a micro USB port and car charger. The display will show temperature and current pressure. If the tyres get too hot or the pressure drops too low, you’ll hear a buzzer with a red light.

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iClever Jump Starter

Normally a jump starter kit is a bulky large battery that’s stored in your garage. However, thanks to modern technology, lithium-ion batteries are much smaller and can be stored in your glove compartment. The iClever jump starter can charge engines, laptops and smartphones. It also contains a built-in torch, a display showing you how much charge is left and has a socket for powering other accessories like dash cameras or tyre inflators.

Lap Tray

If you regularly take long journeys with children, you’ll appreciate that keeping them occupied can be somewhat of a challenge. Make life easier with a Car lap tray from . Your passengers will be able to draw, write, rest their toys on it, watch a portable DVD player and play games easily by having something to lean on.

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All drivers should now know that you face a fine if caught driving whilst using your mobile phone. There is no excuse when you have gadgets like Flic, which you can use for a huge number of applications. Working through Bluetooth at the touch of a button, you can use it to bring up Google Maps, find out what a song on the radio is or dictate a text message or email. The gadget works with both Android and iOS systems. You can even set up different coloured buttons for different functions.

Pure Highway 400

If you have an older car that doesn’t benefit from DAB radio, this device will bring you all the benefits of the digital equivalent of FM radio. The sound is vastly improved, and you can instantly access a wider range of radio stations. The device gets power from the cigarette lighter and it also has Bluetooth, so you can access music on your phone through your car stereo.

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