10 Easy Tips for Driving Green

Easy Tips for Driving Green

Driver greener isn’t really that hard. It starts with a resolution to do all you can to reduce your fuel use. That’s a winning idea for any smart driver.  Here’s what that means in practical terms.

Empty Your Trunk

The first step to greener gas mileage may be in the back of your car.  You should make sure your trunk or cargo hold is empty.  Extra weight equals extra fuel, and that’s wasteful.

Remove Exterior Accessories

If you have added carriers to the back or top of your SUV or car, those same carriers are creating drag on your vehicle. More drag means more fuel waste. So, when you don’t need those carriers, take them off and store them until you need them again.

Check Your Tires

Improper tire inflation is a major reason that cars and SUVs waste fuel. If an underinflated tire is causing a drag on the car, then the car engine is having to work harder to keep itself moving forward. It’s easy to check your air pressure and to add air when needed.  You can find your tire pressure recommendations in your car manual or on the inside of the driver’s door. Remember that pressure requirements are different for very hot and very cold weather.

Don’t Neglect Regular Service

Your car manual can tell you when to get oil changes and other important maintenance.  Getting Lexus service will ensure your car runs its best.   This also reduces the chances that a leak will go unnoticed. Just as it’s bad for your engine to leak vital fluids, it’s bad for the environment.

Ease Off on the Accelerator

Naturally we want to get where we are going. Unfortunately, that often leads to unnecessary speeding. If you can learn to be patient, you may get where you are going without wasting fuel in the process.

Coast to a Stop

When approaching a redlight, ease off on the gas early.  Allow the car to coast toward its destination. Every time you use momentum to move the car, you are reducing how much fuel it uses.

Start Gradually

When the light turns green, start back up gradually.  By doing this, you are allowing it to gain momentum with less acceleration power.

Leave Earlier

If you constantly run late and feel the need to speed, you could start leaving earlier. Just ten minutes each morning could make the difference in a more fuel-efficient commute.

Park and Go In

The drive-through is tempting, but it’s a big fuel-waster. Some modern cars can cut off the engine during long idles. If yours doesn’t, it is greener for you to park and go in.

Combine Trips

Get in the habit of planning ahead more.  You will reduce how much gas you waste simply by reducing how often you are out and about.

In addition to these tips, be sure to use any Eco features that may be standard on your car.  These are designed to encourage the best habits to reduce your carbon footprint.

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