Finding a Repair Shop After Your Car Accident

The right repair shop can make repairing the damage from an accident a lot simpler than you might expect. Whether it’s a minor fender bender or a major piece of automotive reconstruction, body shops that work with your insurance to simplify your billing and smooth over the repair process can be a big help because the faster they get approval and payment arrangements negotiated, the faster you get your car back, and without the usual jumping through reimbursement hoops that some companies can try to make you jump.

Call Ahead About Your Repair

For your auto body shop Denver CO to be ready to work with your insurance, they need to know you’re going to be making a claim for the repair. It’s their job to know the right paperwork to submit, but telling them it’s an insurance claim when you make your appointment gives them the chance to be prepared when you get there. Otherwise, the assumption that you are paying cash will dominate. It’s important to remember that body shops get a lot of cash customers too, since they do modifications and uninsured repairs like body restorations after a damaged vehicle is purchased by a new owner.

Don’t Forget Your Rental

If your car is going to be in for body work that can’t be finished in a single day, you’ll need to line up something to drive in the meantime. This is where having rental coverage on your insurance can be a big help. Otherwise, you’ll need to find a local bargain on a vehicle you can use until repairs are done on yours. If you line things up the right way, you can get your rental company to pick you up right from the garage you use for auto body repairs, and they’ll have your paperwork prepped for you when you get there. A little advance notice to these companies goes a long way when you need help pulling things back together post-accident.

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