How To Create an Efficient Galley Space in Your Sailboat

Whether you’re going out for the day or headed out to sea for a few months, the galley space in your boat is an important part of the enjoyment of your trip. Most galleys are small, which means you need to make the most of every nook and cranny you have available. Here are some ideas to help you create an organized and efficient area in your boat.

Select Items Carefully

Every single item on your boat should have a purpose. It’s even better if they serve multiple purposes so you can increase the usability of the items on your boat. Everything from the galley items to the marine plumbing parts supplies needs to be selected with care to ensure you have what you need without carrying too much extra weight.

Use Silicone Items

Silicone items are easy to clean and can collapse to save space. Mixing bowls, food containers, cutting mats, baking dishes and more can be found made out of this flexible material.

Create a System

Organize your food items by type and by use to help you maximize the flow of your galley area. You can keep canned goods together, spices on a separate rack and baking items in another space. Allow yourself time to figure out the best system on your boat.

Have Excellent Cookware

Minimize the number of items you have on board, but increase the quality. Make sure you have sharp knives, at least two high-quality pots and pans and the small appliances you use regularly.

Optimize Safety

Have a fire extinguisher readily available in your galley and make sure everyone on board knows how to use it. Install fire alarms and check them often to ensure they are in working condition. These two safety protocols can help prevent a dangerous situation.

An efficient galley area can increase the joy of your crew when they know exactly where to look to grab a snack or create a dinner with ease.

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