How To Find The Best Auto Body Shop For Your Collision Repairs

When you shop around for an auto body shop to use after an accident or fender bender, you will find that their costs can vary significantly. There are many reasons why the costs can differ as much as they do. Choosing the right shop might not seem as easy as picking the lowest estimate. To help with your decision, below are some tips for finding a great shop for collision repair Lakewood CO, such as the shop found at

Get Multiple Estimates

While it may seem like a tedious task, the best way to find a great auto body shop is to visit a few of them and get estimates to compare. The cost alone shouldn’t be the only factor you compare, however. Your ultimate decision should be based on other things as well including time to complete repairs, how far the shop is located and what the warranty on the repairs will be.

Ask Lots Of Questions

When obtaining your estimates and meeting the auto body shop workers, you should be ready to ask plenty of questions. You don’t want to go in only inquiring about the cost. You should go into the situation smart and savvy. Ask about the warranties they offer and if they will be included in a contract. Be sure to understand if there are specific stipulations to obtaining their warranties. Many shops will add in stipulations that most customers are not able to adhere to and the warranty is basically considered useless.

Recommendations From Family And Friends

The best way to find a great auto body shop is by word-of-mouth. Any business is able to advertise their services as the best around. However, getting a recommendation from someone you trust and who has used that shop is the ultimate way to find a great shop.

All in all, your intuition is the best thing to follow. When you visit different body shops, you will be able to look around and get a feel of how good the business really is. Sometimes, trusting your gut is all you need to make a sound decision on something.

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