The spectacular collection of Messi cars

Messi cars

Although his love of cars is not as well known, probably because he does not boast of them on social networks, the Argentine forward of FC Barcelona has a remarkable collection of cars where he mixes sports cars with large SUVs and where he shows some ‘mundane’ model. We review the best lionel Messi cars and add some bonus track to be confirmed.

The spectacular collection of Messi cars

Cadillac EscaladeMessi cars

Yes, it sure sounds like you, because it is the same car that Barack Obama used for his work trips. Logically, that of Messi does not have the blunt shield that the one used by the president of the United States, but, equally, does not go unnoticed wherever he goes. With this huge off-road vehicle, the Argentine sure feels the king of asphalt. This is what a “tank” with wheels has to carry.

At present, this 4 × 4 is in its fourth generation. It uses an atmospheric engine of 6.2 liters and 8 cylinders in V that develops 420 hp at 5,600 rpm and 623 Nm at 4,100 turns. As you have seen, the “ downsizing ” format does not fit here … This typical American mechanic is associated with an automatic transmission with a 6-speed torque converter. It is one of the favorite lionel Messi cars.

This Escalade may be the closest thing to driving a Hummer H2, another 100% Yankee product that had its prominent time at the beginning of the 20th century, but, unfortunately, left us a few years ago. Without a doubt, a peculiar car for a single player.

Range RoverMessi cars

We continue with another 4 × 4, but much more stylish and elegant than the American. The Range Rover is the crown jewel of Land Rover, a model with several decades of history behind it, which can claim to be as luxurious as it is valid for the field. Like the Escalade, it has reached the fourth generation and, surely, there are many more ahead…

We are convinced that Messi would be interested in the new version ” SVAutobiography Dynamic “because it uses the same engine as the Range Rover Sport SVR. We are talking about a block of 5.0 liters and 8 cylinders in V, supercharged by a volumetric compressor, which develops 550 hp. Can you imagine watching it accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.1 seconds? Yes, in spite of clearly exceeding 2 tons, you can achieve that “time” in the exercise.

In the case of the Argentine star model, you have surely seen it on television or in specialized newspapers. It is black and sports spectacular alloy wheels. It seems that the player does not get much by roads and tracks …

Audi Q7Messi cars

As is the case at Real Madrid, Audi provides cars to the Football Club Barcelona every season. Among the models chosen by Messi, every year are the A7 Sportback and also the largest and most luxurious « SUV » in the range. Of course, the star looks a lot for his family. It is one of the favorite Messi cars.

The second generation of the German 4 × 4 stands out for its lightness and efficiency compared to the previous one. There are versions 5 and 7 seats, as well as turbocharged engines of gasoline and diesel, which powers start at 218 hp. You can also choose the plug-in hybrid variant « e-tron Quattro «, with 373 hp, and the high-performance version SQ7, with 435 hp, extracted from a 4.0 V8 TDI diesel engine with the triple supercharging system.

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Audi R8 SpyderMessi cars

We continue with another model of the signature of the four rings, but with a radically different conception of the SUV. In its first installment, the convertible version of the R8 was made up of three versions, one with a 4.2 V8 430 hp engine and the remaining two, with a 5.2 V10 propeller with the following power steps: 525 and 550 hp. In all of them, the engine was located behind the passenger compartment and traction was in charge of the permanent 4 × 4 ” Quattro ” system.

This ” Spyder ” variant was equipped with a canvas roof with automatic actuation. It took 19 seconds to collect and deploy. This operation could be carried out at a maximum speed of 50 km /h.

Ferrari F430 SpiderMessi cars

In Messi’s garage, there was also room for veteran models, such as the Italian sports car, which was put up for sale more than a decade ago. With this convertible of high flights, Messi was able to enjoy an exciting 4.3-liter engine and 8 cylinders in V, which reached 490 hp. Truly, at that time, stopping the chronometer in 4.1 seconds in the 0 to 100 km / h step was a very prominent record, so the Argentine had to spend very, very good times with the transalpine. It is one of the favorite Messi cars.

Designed by Pininfarina, the successor of the 360 Spider was one of the first sports stars of the soccer star, who could configure it to his liking in a few seconds, thanks to the ” Manettino “, a command from which the dynamic driving control was governed. I’m sure Leo has beautiful memories of this car …

Porsche PanameraMessi cars

After seeing the number of SUVs among the preferences of the Argentine star, it is not surprising that among them is a representative of the German firm, but not the typical two-seater sports car, but the model with which the band returned to the segment of the Saloons with more than 3 doors. A vehicle with which to go comfortable and fast with the whole family. This sports saloon saw the light in 2009 and are currently in its second generation, just appeared this year.

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Specifically, the Messi unit is a Panamera Turbo S, the highest model in the range, whose 4.8-liter V8 engine offers a power of 550 hp at 6,000 rpm. It is associated with an automated double-clutch gearbox «PDK». This Turbo S distinguishes itself from the rest of the range in some specific details, such as alloy wheels, called “Turbo II”, the four-position adjustable wing or the two-color leather upholstery inside the passenger compartment.

We can imagine more of a smile from Messi at the controls of this brand new Porsche, whose version of access to the range, which mounted a 3.6-liter V6 engine and developed 300 hp, was available at the time of its launch around at $97100.

Range Rover EvoqueMessi cars

The human being is an animal of customs … and Messi was not going to be different. Again an SUV and again a Range Rover. This time, the chosen model is somewhat smaller and is none other than the Range Rover Evoque. It is a vehicle launched on the market in 2011. The range of this SUV covered from the initial version with a 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine and 150 hp to the top of the range with a 280-cylinder 4-cylinder petrol engine. It is one of the favorite Messi cars.

Next, to the model that belongs to the front of Rosario, which is 5 doors and curiously white, there are versions of 3 doors and Convertible. The price of the Range Rover Evoque starts at $39150, which is what the 5-door model costs with the 150 hp engine, and reaches 70,500, which would have to be bagged to enjoy the Convertible model with the 240 hp engine associated with a 4 × 4 drive.

Lexus LX 570Messi cars

Again we find another SUV among Messi’s preferences, this time a Japanese model of Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus. Specifically, it is the Lexus LX 570, a model that appeared on the market in 2013, although it is not sold in our country, and that has the capacity for up to 8 people.

The Japanese model mounts a 5.7-liter V8 engine that delivers a power of 388 hp,  delivered through a 6-speed automatic gearbox. The vehicle has total traction that, together with its advanced suspension system with up to 3 different modes, make it perfect for trips on any type of surface: from the hard asphalt of Barcelona to the muddiest areas of the Catalan mountain. A good choice to spend the weekend with the whole family.

MINI CabrioletMessi cars

The dissonant note of this list is perhaps our little protagonist. It is the only utility on the list, although it falls within the logical tastes of the striker, since as we have seen before he is a lover of convertible vehicles. It is one of the favorite Messi cars.

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The Messi unit is a first-generation white MINI Cabrio that appeared in 2004. In the case of Cabrio, this first-generation offered three variants; the first was the One Cabrio with an atmospheric engine of 1.6 liters and 90 HP of power, while the second was called Cooper Cabrio and also mounted a 1.6-liter engine,  but offered 115 hp. Above was the sports version Cooper S, which raised the engine power also from 1.6 liters to 170 hp.

Maserati GranTurismo MC StradaleMessi cars

This is one of the vehicles with which Messi has been seen most to appear publicly. Curiously, and as was the case with the MINI Cabrio, the Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale of the FC Barcelona footballer is again white.

The second Italian representative on our list went on sale in 2010 and mounts a 4.7-liter V8 engine that offers 460 hp to the rear wheels through a 6-speed automatic gearbox. We are not surprised by the taste of the Argentine star to drive this vehicle since the maximum speed it reaches is 303 km /h.

Among the many elements that this Maserati has, the braking system stands out, which uses huge ventilated discs of 380 mm in diameter and made of ceramics, or the huge wheels with 20-inch wheels. This Gran Turismo MC Stradale can be purchased from 201700 dollars.

Surely Messi owns some more vehicles; In fact, there are a few media that say that the Argentine was the anonymous bidder who made this Ferrari 335 S Spyder Scaglietti in the auction held by Artcurial last Retromobile, in February this year.

There, this vehicle of the year 1957 changed hands for 32.1 million euros, which makes it the most expensive vehicle sold at auction. However, the authorship of that anonymous bidder is not clear, so we will be left with the doubt of whether the Argentine star keeps this jewel in a garage.

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