The Big Ending To an Epic Trip

Your friends traveled with you on a two-week adventure all across the state of Florida. It was the trip of a lifetime as you moved from scenic spot to hot night club to a favorite bar and grill. As the adventure came to an end, it was time to head home, and you all piled into the car for the last leg of the journey home. As you came to a stop at a red light, you heard sirens in the distance and wondered what was going on. You didn’t have long to wait as another vehicle hit your car with enough force to move yours at least 20 feet. What a big ending to an epic trip – now what?

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Since the police were right behind the wayward automobile that hit your car, you won’t have long to wait for their arrival. Stay calm and wait for the officers to tell you what to do before moving your car. If someone needs medical help, let the officers know right away. If your car is undriveable, let the officers know that as well.


Contact your insurance company when you get settled in a hotel room, a hospital room, or at the police station. Let the agent know what happened and provide the police report number and any facts you have available. Call an attorney, too. Ask your attorney to handle the situation for you so you can heal and worry about the headache that won’t seem to go away.


Your car will need some major repairs after being hit like it was, so contact a trusted body and auto parts Apopka shop to begin the much needed rebuild on your automobile. It may take longer than you think to make your car right again, so plan on getting a rental.

Find out which rental car company to use from your insurance company, and after everyone can travel again, you can be on your way. What a big ending to an epic trip – and one you never want to live through again!

Daniel Maynard

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