Cruiser Vs Hybrid Bike Details Comparison

Cruiser Vs Hybrid Bike

Lots of bikes to choose out there and lots of different categories what do they all mean. Let’s talk about a cruiser bike versus a hybrid bike.

It’s confusing I’ll help clarify you’ll probably still be confused but I’ll do my best so what makes a cruiser bike I would say number one a cruiser bike is going to be a bike with a very classic design.


You know it’s a curved top to cop top tube it’s a sort of it’s a bigger seat it’s bigger tires it’s wider handlebars it’s meant to do cruiser bike.

Cruisers typically are very simple I would say most cruisers fall in the category of one to seven speeds although six-30 does make 21 speeds.

Generally speaking, there are one three, or seven speeds on a best beach cruiser.

So, a hybrid bike is for those riders that you know they like certain elements of all these different

bikes but they don’t necessarily want to buy that specific category like you might like the tires on a mountain bike but you don’t want a mountain bike so you choose a hybrid bike because you want to get a different frame but with mountain bike tires so there are lots and lots and lots of different types of

hybrid bikes that exist out there you’d have to scour you know bike stores and the Internet to see all the different types.

Now looking at a hybrid a hybrid is a little bit harder to identify because a hybrid is exactly what it says it is a hybrid is a mixture of lots of different bikes a hybrid might use the frame of a comfort bike but the tires of a hybrid bike and you know the gear system of a hybrid bike or something.


So, in highlighting the major differences between all these categories let’s say the frames of hybrid bikes generally will be different than cruisers and when I say that like a hybrid bike frame is going to typically not have the stylistic cruiser approach if you see that most people would put that in the cruiser category.

Riding position

The riding position hybrid bikes the riding position again is really across the map I would say it’s not necessarily focused on comfort or performance so you might see some hybrid bikes that have really relaxed riding position but you might have others that have really you know performance geared riding positions.


I would say cruisers you generally always see tires that are a little bit thick and fat and wide and that’s because cruisers are meant for cruising the wider the tire the more shock absorption the softer the ride to the rider.

Now looking at hybrid bikes again you’re going to see tire ranges all across the board you’re going to see you know 700 seed narrow tires up to.

You know 26 inches to point 1-to-5-inch tires or sometimes you’re even going to see 4 inches you know really wide tires so it’s again it’s hard to identify with a hybrid if.

If you can’t place a bike in any other category it usually falls into the hybrid category.


I would say you know the biggest difference between these bikes is you know what is really how you

use them so I would say a cruiser bike.

What is it best for it’s really best for rides under 15 miles no more than 10 miles an hour?

You really just want to be kicked back to relaxed and cruising I would say also for a rider that’s very aesthetically minded.

They want something that looks very sleek poppy colors cruisers are a great way to go.

I would say cruiser bikes are comfortable but they’re not geared necessarily towards comfort. They’re geared towards cruising so a relaxed soft ride.

Hybrid bike the difference really is if your kind of like the cruising element of cruisers you like the comfort element of comfort bikes but you don’t like any one of those to go to hybrid bikes.


We’re happy to discuss how we can best help you and fit you to the right bike that’s what we specialize in here.

If you want and you have an idea of what you like feel free to comments and want to learn more you can visit Outdoorxsports for more information.

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