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Thinking of buying a new car? If the answer is yes, you may have already made your first mistake: Have you considered buying a used car or Km 0? Diving into the purchase of a vehicle is not like buying a new bag. Not only because of its high price but because of the costs that can come with the car. At we give you tips and tricks to buy your car.

What kind of car to buy?

Before launching into buying that brand new Mercedes of your dreams, think that a vehicle is a tool. And since we don’t buy screwdrivers to drive nails, you should know when you are buying a hammer or a hammer.

For example, think about what you are going to use your vehicle for. To go to work in your city or surroundings? Perhaps that Land Rover that attracts your attention so much does not suit you, since they are expensive maintenance vehicles and whose volume makes them difficult to park. A 4 × 4 makes sense if we live in rural areas or we usually use it for getaways (and we are not talking about going out once a year to the mountains)

The same is true of vans. A California with room for a bed is a nature lover’s dream, but if it’s really not something you usually do, don’t expect the van to change your spirits. However, if you are a surfer who usually spends weekends at the beach and needs to transport the board, then it would be a good choice.

Tips to save when buying your car

Now that you know what type of car you want, what you have to know is how to save on your purchase. And since at we love saving, we give you some tips.

Consider buying a second-hand car. If you don’t plan on giving your vehicle a lot of power, you probably don’t need a car fresh from the factory.

Preowned or Km. 0? Although they are confused, they are not the same. A Km. 0 is a vehicle registered but not used. On the other hand, the used ones do have a use, but less than 3 years and with less than 32,000 kms

Watch the kilometers. Do not be fooled. No matter how few years it has been registered or how good it sounds or looks, the mileage is the equivalent to the age of the vehicle. If you buy second hand, you always have to look at them and negotiate a price accordingly.

Diesel or Gasoline? The economic answer is simple: Diesel. It consumes less and is cheaper. However, gasoline’s ease of burning is very useful in cold climates.

Think about how to pay for it. Sometimes dealerships don’t offer the best financing. Consider requesting a car loan, and always consult the possible aid for the purchase of a vehicle by the State or your Autonomous Community.

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