4 Season Tires Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

4 Season Tires

The 4 season tires have become the ideal alternative for many drivers. Do you want to know what is special about these tires? As its name suggests, these types of wheels allow your vehicle to circulate throughout the year, regardless of whether it is winter or summer. It is a very versatile and comfortable option, perfect for saving time and space without putting your safety at risk. But, when is it better to opt for these tires and not for the classics? Are there any downsides to be aware of?

Pay attention, because in the following article we will discover everything you should know about 4-season tires: characteristics, advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose the best brand for you. Read more: 6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Japanese Cars

Characteristics of 4 season tires

As you well know, the classic tires to which we are used have one design or another depending on whether they are made to circulate in summer or winter.

4 Season Tires

The 4-season tires, on the other hand, being prepared to adapt to different climates, have a mixture of elements from both types of wheels to be able to circulate throughout the year without having to change. To ensure that these wheels are completely reliable, you will have to make sure that they are homologated as 3PMSF (a symbol that ensures satisfactory traction on snowy roads) and with the M + S marking (which ensures correct grip in mud and snow).

These wheels have turned out to be an ideal product to adjust to the demands of each pavement and provide safety in different weather conditions, but are there risks or disadvantages? Next, we reveal it to you.

Advantages of 4 season tires

We have already been able to deduce some of the great advantages of this type of tire, but so that you have no doubts and can choose the best wheels for your vehicle, we will explain them in detail:

  • Practicality: perhaps the clearest advantage of 4-season tires is that they are much more practical than classic tires since, with a single purchase, a user can circulate comfortably throughout the year.
  • Space-saving: by being able to be used throughout the year, the 4-season tires avoid having to store winter wheels during summer and summer wheels during winter, which inevitably translates into space savings.
  • Saving money: with 4 season tires, the user also avoids buying different types of wheels throughout the year depending on the weather, which saves money.
  • Alternative to chains: 4-season tires with triple-peaked mountain markings and a snowflake inside indicate that they are suitable for winter conditions, which can be a good alternative to chains in many situations.

Disadvantages of 4 season tires

Now that you know in detail the advantages of 4-season tires, it is time to talk about the disadvantages, points to consider before opting for these tires:

  • They wear out sooner: although this disadvantage will depend on the use that each driver gives (as well as on maintenance), it is important to bear in mind that these tires are less resistant than those specific for summer or winter, so it is possible that they wear out before.
  • They are not good for extreme conditions: be careful, because 4 season tires adapt to different climates does not mean that they are prepared for extreme cases. The traction and braking of these wheels are very satisfactory and can be good for places with moderate winters. However, in countries colder or in provinces where the winters are very cold, these tires will never provide the same safety as specific ones. to circulate in winter and in very low temperatures.

When to buy 4 season tires?

We have already seen the points in favor and the points against these tires, so we can only conclude when it is better to opt for them and when it is preferable to bet on other more specific wheels.

As we have already seen, these wheels are very versatile and are a great intermediate option between summer and winter tires, so if you live in a place with moderate or occasionally cold winters, you can benefit a lot from these tires. However, if you live in places with very cold winters, we recommend that you always bet on specific winter tires that allow you to circulate in complete safety since the latter will always be more prepared.

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