Car air conditioning: trivia, maintenance tricks

Car air conditioning

The car air conditioning is not just a comfort element that gives us the ideal temperature inside the car. It is also a safety element, as it helps us to deal with situations of drowsiness and attention in driving.

Many European drivers are unaware of the important health and safety benefits offered by the correct use of their vehicle’s air conditioning system . And is that this system goes beyond cooling the cabin of the car when the heat comes. We tell you some curiosities and tips that are sure to come in handy for the summer.

HOW MANY DEGREES?Car air conditioning

There are studies that ensure that ambient temperatures above 22 degrees can cause drowsiness and reduce driver attention. However, 49 percent of European drivers do not turn on the air conditioning until the temperature does not reach 28 degrees. At 27 degrees, the reaction speed of a driver is 22% lower than at 21 degrees. It is important tips for car air conditioning.

CLEAN FILTERSCar air conditioning

The car’s air conditioning systems filter up to 88% of the pollen and other allergens present in the outside air. Therefore, turning on the air conditioner helps prevent sneezing and headaches. It is vital to keep the air filters clean. Keep reading- Tips for using the mobile in the car safely

FOR DEMISTINGCar air conditioning

When driving at high altitudes or in mountains, the outside temperature can fall rapidly and cause condensation to appear on the windshield, which makes visibility difficult. Turning on the air conditioner removes moisture and condensation from the crystals quickly and effectively. That is, to demist them.  It is important tips for car air conditioning.

BEWARE OF MAINTENANCECar air conditioning

The preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid unpleasant and costly surprises. The main reason for failure in the air conditioner is the loss of refrigerant gas. It would be convenient to conduct a review every two years. But in addition, it can cause other faults and damage the health of the driver: loss of oil, damage to the compressor, bad smells and itchy eyes, fogging of the windows or a general failure of the air conditioning system.

FUEL SAVINGSCar air conditioning

It is proven that the care and maintenance of the air conditioning influence the consumption of the vehicle. When the air conditioning system does not work properly, the compressor has to work longer to keep the interior temperature constant, which translates into an “extra” fuel consumption that is usually between 5 and 10 percent higher.  It is important tips for car air conditioning.


Air conditioning remains the favorite of European drivers: more than half (54%) say they would not mind paying for it if it is not included. A figure that exceeds drivers willing to pay for a navigation system (38%), a parking assistance system (36%) or parking cameras (31%), according to a survey conducted by Honeywell. While it is true that the percentage of vehicles that do not have standard air conditioning is very low, not so much the air conditioning.

LOWER WINDOWSCar air conditioning

One in five Europeans (19%) say they prefer to drive with the window open when traffic is slow and when they are not driving on motorways. However, the car’s air conditioning can reduce the total number of microorganisms by 81.7 percent, the number of mold spores by 83.3 percent, and the number of particles by 87.8 percent. In short, putting the air conditioning is healthier than lowering the window.  It is important tips for car air conditioning.


The basic components of the air conditioning system have not changed (compressor, filter dehydrator, expansion valve, evaporator, pressure switches and fan), however, where there has really been a remarkable evolution is in the optimized management of these. We have gone from traditional air conditioning (with a temperature control and a fan speed control) to dual-zone or multi-zone air conditioning systems, with multiple temperatures, air quality and humidity sensors strategically placed inside the passenger compartment.

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