Tips to save gas in 2018

Tips to save gas

At the end of each year, people often spend much more than expected on fuel for their vehicle.

With so many ups and downs in prices, many people get lost and do not take into account these tips to save gas useful and effective.

Tips and tricks for those who are worried about how they can save on fuel consumption.

We all have to refuel every few minutes but we can do much more to improve efficiency.

Read carefully and put into practice these tips to save gas that will not disappoint you.

Put them into practice and check the results.

Tips to save gas

Find cheaper gas stationsTips to save gas

From your area, and analyze where the cheapest fuel is in the area where you move.

Take advantage when you pass close to one to fill the deposit. Going on purpose to fill the deposit is a non-negligible expense that must also be taken into account.

In addition, you have to take into account the offers of the hypermarkets with the gas station that you have nearby and you can go step by step, sometimes they are quite interesting.

And if you leave the Autonomous Community you can find important differences for the so-called health cent that is much more than a penny, for example in Aragon does not apply the penny and should be exploited.

And if you go abroad here you can find out about the prices of other countries in the European Union.

Fill the gas tank to the topTips to save gas

By being at the maximum increases the foam and therefore, the evaporation of gasoline, in diesel also but less.

It is also not advisable to fill the tank very slowly, as gasoline evaporates quickly.

When finished, close the tank cap quickly and well, thereby avoiding the evaporation of gasoline.

Gasoline, its price and the effect “Monday”

Fill the deposit before Wednesday. Monday is the best day since it is when the gas stations must inform the Ministry of their price.

And before Wednesday so that the prices change weekly. The new prices will take effect on Wednesday at 0: 00h.

In an upward trend in prices, it is advisable to fill the deposit before Wednesday and bearish trend, starting on Wednesday.

For the weekend the prices go up and it has even been denounced the bad practice that some gas stations do that raise the price the weekend or before a bridge that is when there is more demand in the individuals.

Therefore, a good day to go to the gas station is Monday or Tuesday if prices tend to fall, and the worst days are Saturday and Sunday. But yes, remembering that if a strong rise is not expected, we should try to avoid going on purpose.

Some say that it is better to fill the deposit in the early morning, it is recommended by many decalogues of savings.

Paying attention to this is ridiculous. Those who recommend it claim that the pumps get more gas when the temperatures are lower.

The deposits are underground and the temperature difference between the maximum and minimum per day is minimal, and consequently, the fuel difference of the early morning at the time of more heat is negligible.

It is better to take advantage of the gas station when you are passing, no matter what time it is.

Tips and recommendations to save gas

Stations that are always running should recharge their tanks more often, which means their gas will be fresher.

Avoid gas stations with little movement.

New gasoline has more power than the one that has been conserved the longest.

Avoid gas stations on highwaysTips to save gas

Their prices are higher. Plan, previously, where you will refuel if you have to take a long trip.

What happens if I use lower octane gasoline

Nothing, in fact, uses the gasoline recommended by the lowest octane manufacturer possible.

The higher octane is more expensive and its price does not compensate unless we want to do some race or rally co, someone.

Little gas in the tankTips to save gas

Evitalo, although you can think that this way doors less weight and, therefore, you have to consume less, taking little fuel actually the vehicle works less efficiently and in the end, surprisingly, it consumes more.

It is advisable to avoid lowering the half of the deposit. Another reason to have the tank more full than empty is that there is less air in the tank and there is less evaporation of fuel. All this is for gasoline engines.

Check the tire pressureTips to save gas

To have them always with the right pressure. A swollen wheel below its normal pressure increases the resistance and therefore forces the engine to work harder.

It is necessary to avoid doing it in the gas stations where they charge to check the air pressure of the tires.

In addition to the pressure, in the consumption also influences the type of tire, especially if they have to do many kilometers and at high speed.

According to some studies, up to 20% of the consumption of a vehicle can be imputed to the friction of the asphalt with the tires.

Lately, some workshops are already offering to fill the tires with nitrogen, instead of air.

This avoids having to check the tire pressure.

It is recommended to do it every fortnight, but that nobody does.

The tires that have nitrogen have the green valve painted to indicate it.

The lack of oxygen and water vapor helps the degradation of the tires.

Check tire wear and conditionTips to save gas

In the market, we can find new tires with rubbers made with silica compounds that reduce friction with asphalt.

According to the advertising of some well-known brand, it is guaranteed that they can reduce fuel consumption by up to 0.2 liters / 100 kilometers.

Or what are the same 80 liters in the 40,000 kilometers of its average useful life?

The type of roadway on which we move also influences consumption. Driving through the smoothest tracks with fewer irregularities also saves fuel than doing it in a bad way.

In addition to the pressure, also calibrate the tires and control the alignment of the wheels helps reduce consumption.

And finally, although it is more for safety, it is also convenient to check or check the date of manufacture of the tire.

It should be a maximum of five years, and, above all, when we buy them, check that they are manufactured a few weeks ago and the same year, the better.

Since the tires degrade, they lose elasticity and can be dangerous for driving.

To look at the date, it appears printed on the tire, only on one side, in a 4-digit number, the first two indicate the week of manufacture and the last two the year of manufacture.

How to make better use of gasoline

Plan well the journeys, avoiding the comings and goings from one place to another unnecessarily because you do not know where you are going. Google Maps or a browser can be a good help. Also, try to share car and expenses.

In very short and urban routes consumption is triggered. Try to limit to the maximum. Going on foot, bike or public transport or car sharing if possible can be a good alternative.

How to save gas in conditions taking care of an engine

If you have to stand some time with the engine running at idle …

Many decalogues of saving, recommend stopping the engine at 30 seconds or from one minute, but it is not always advisable to turn off the engine.

Although it is true that the engine, even at idle, consumes fuel in a non-negligible way …

The fact of being continuously running the engine fatigue the starter engine decreasing its life and makes the battery work harder.

Take a look at the following tips to save gas by taking care of the engine properly.

A motor that shuts off systematically to prevent idling reduces its life because the starter works excessively.

This has been solved in new engines of less than four years, and the new starters that install allow 200,000 starts, and the last 400,000 starts.

In new gasoline cars, this saves money stopping the engine if a stop is foreseen for less than 6 seconds.

In the case of diesel engines, this is very different.


Especially in turbocharged engines (any diesel at this point) they lose lubrication and break down before. Precisely these need an idle time before stopping them.

If the stop will be longer than one minute, you can turn off the engine, but be careful not to abuse. As of the minute it is estimated that the fuel that is saved is higher than the one used to start it.

The “Stop & start” models have special start motors, that is why they “can” and others do not “must”. If the stop is less than one minute in diesel, the saving is negative, waste more fuel.

And in this sense you should not stop the engine with the vehicle running, taking advantage of long descents, it is very dangerous.

Nothing is saved since the current injection engine, both diesel and gasoline, the injection is cut and the consumption in downs is already zero.

In addition, turning off the engine usually eliminates steering assistance (even causing its blocking) and the brake booster.

And, although it is more dangerous, if we put, in addition, deadlock, since we lose the engine brake, with which we will make a superior use of the brakes, which lose strength and precision.

Listen to traffic informationTips to save gas

To avoid traffic jams or slow traffic. Since the consumption is much higher in a traffic jam or in a slow traffic retention.

Moderate speedTips to save gas

Theoretically, a 20% increase in speed produces a 44% increase in air resistance and it has an increase in fuel consumption since it is driven more sharply, there are more variations in speed.

Going 80km / h consumes less than going 90km / h. And it went to 70 less than 80, but with the limitation that you always have to adapt to the speed of the road where you pass and the rest of the traffic.

This point may be the most important.

As we mentioned in the previous point, the strong accelerations and sudden braking increase consumption.

Tips to save gas considering the speed

Speed influences consumption.

Reduce your spending greatly with the following tips to save gas, taking into account the speed of the vehicle.

We must anticipate the traffic to be able to take better advantage of the inertia of the vehicle, as when we do when we go by bicycle.

Gasoline needs a proportion of more than 14 parts of air for a gasoline to burn the engine.

If we accelerate hard, a portion of the gasoline does not burn well to the engine for over-feeding and is lost.

Avoid sudden braking, it is because you lose the kinetic energy acquired by the vehicle and when starting, you have to re-dedicate fuel to recover the lost speed.

It is advisable to drive at a uniform speed, anticipating possible stoppages by releasing the accelerator and letting the same engine slow down and accelerating smoothly.

Always respecting safety, it is advisable to avoid increasing the speed in ascents and/or decreasing it in descents.

A smooth and adequate driving allows you to make the greatest savings, which comparatively make all other advice scarce, before it.

Park in the shadeTips to save gas

Especially in summer helps. Since this minimizes the evaporation of gasoline and keeps the car cool, avoiding the use of air conditioning. It is one of the best tips to save gas.

The use of air conditioningTips to save gas

Increase fuel consumption by 20%.

It is convenient to moderate the interior temperature, without suffering neither cold nor heat.

At lower temperatures … the consumption of air conditioning increases considerably.

Follow some tips to save gas with the temperature of your vehicle.

At low speeds (below 80km / h) it costs to open the windows.

And at a higher speed (more than 100km / h) it is worthwhile to raise the windows and start the air conditioning.

The open windows increase the resistance with the air of the vehicle, also increasing the consumption.

Try to stop the air conditioner a few minutes before arriving at the destination.

This will avoid a sudden temperature change when leaving (you will save a possible cold), and also save fuel.

If it is not that you are in the desert, differences of exterior-interior temperature of more than 10ºC are not suitable.

But consider that the interior temperature is reasonable with the windows raised because an excess of temperature causes disturbances in the attention of the driver and can be harmful. Those are the best tips to save gas.

Unnecessary overloads

Sometimes, heavy objects are carried on the vehicle continuously and unnecessarily. Any reduction in weight helps reduce consumption.

The use of the roof rack, even when it is empty, can increase the normal consumption of the vehicle from 2 to 35% due to the increased resistance of the vehicle to the air.

In fact, the new and modern prototypes of cars will try to limit the friction of the air by removing the bulky rear-view mirrors to replace them with video cameras.

Integral hubcaps and lower fairings are some of the ideas that manufacturers are already working on to reduce fuel consumption for future vehicles.

Check the vehicle’s consumption

Periodically, because that allows you to detect quickly if there is any element deteriorated or lack of maintenance, which could be increasing consumption.

It is one of the most important and undervalued tips to save gasoline.

Relevant vehicle revisions

It is advisable to make the revisions recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

The oil, spark plugs and filters should be replaced when necessary, otherwise, consumption can be increased. Even the use of an incorrect oil can increase it.

To start the engine

When all the passengers are already well installed. And start the march quickly, without wasting time and without accelerating hard.

Tips to save gas with long gears

The engine running at low revs consumes less. A short and revolutionized running engine consumes much more.

But all this, like everything, with certain limits. With a general nature, it is advisable to change gears from 2,000 rpm on the diesel engine to 2500 rpm on gasoline.

Going to very low revolutions – less than 1200rpm also increases the demand and if they are lower even more increases the consumption.

If the car is not the new ECO, you can change gears by skipping a march, that is, going from first to third, or from second to fourth.

The reason is that when the gear change is made and the clutch is pressed, energy is lost, so it is a question of making fewer gear changes. Those are the tips to save gas.

Maybe you’re interested: Tips to save energy.

The new ECO cars already have the gear shift ratio long enough that it does not allow this since the engine would stall.

In the same direction, avoid tightening the clutch if a gear change is not made. Going to half an embrace makes you lose a lot of energy. It is one of the best tips to save gas.

Minimum safety distanceTips to save gas

If we find a large vehicle ahead we can see how the consumption is reduced. Only if this vehicle has a speed very similar to yours, avoid overtaking.

It is totally inadvisable to approach to reduce consumption since the safety of a few cents of fuel is much more important.

To be too close, we reduce dangerously the reaction time before a possible breaking of the vehicle in front.

Thus we increase the risk of a crash, even if it is very slight, it will be much more expensive, endangering the rest of the drivers.

Tips to save gas and electricity consumption

Vehicle. All electricity that is spent in the vehicle comes from the gasoline of the motor, reason why it is convenient to moderate its consumption since this electrical energy is not free.

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