Thinking about buying your first car or motorbike?

This is one of the more difficult decisions we will all have to make in our young adult lives!  From the moment we pass our driving test that life changing decision becomes paramount.  Do you choose the traditional safety of a car or the ultimate thrill of a motorbike?  Most plump for the comfort and relative safety of a car, it’s a more sociable form of transport.   A few will pick the motorbike, the power and size of the engine then becoming the next important decision to be made.

At seventeen you can take a driving or motorbike test and then comes the difficult choice, what do you buy?  Don’t forget you can change your mind, like a PDF to Excel  file  it’s quite simple once you’ve been through the process.  As most young people decide on a car let’s look at the different choices on the market, from a cheaper second hand run around to a more reliable newer model.

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The majority of young people will decide on the cheaper option, mainly due to financial reasons and also due to the insurance on that first vehicle being so expensive!  That first insurance policy will probably end up costing you more than the car you end up purchasing!

The motorbike, as a day to day form of transport is an exciting alternative and one that some young men and women choose to go for.  The thrill and roar of the engine acceleration, the wind against your face and the ability to avoid traffic queues are just a few of the reasons to choose this form of transport.

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