5 Times You Should Get Your Car Towed Instead of Driving

Car troubles are the some of the most frustrating problems to have. Everyone expects their car to work perfectly, but issues requiring maintenance are inevitable. Sometimes the issues are minor and will not stop you from driving to the mechanic. Needing an oil change or a problem with your air conditioning are minor and do not cause you to worry. However, there are some major issues that can happen to your car that you should not drive with. In these cases, the safe thing to do is call a tow truck to take your car to the mechanic. Here are 5 examples of when you should call a tow truck.

Seeing Smoke

If you ever see smoke coming out of your engine or from your tailpipe, do not drive your car. It is not safe to drive and doing so could cause even more damage. Instead, call a towing company tucker GA to take your car to a mechanic immediately. 

Strange Sounds

Weird sounds like unexplained whirring or screeching is a bad sign for driving. If you ever hear screeching, especially from your brakes, stop driving and call a tow truck for your car.

Funny Smells

Your nose knows when something is wrong. If you smell fuel, oil or the scent of another fluid, it is best not to drive your car any further and tow it to a mechanic to identify the problem. 

Tire Troubles

Sometimes you can replace a flat tire with a spare before going to the mechanic. However, spare tires are not made to go long distances, so if you have a long way to go you should call a tow truck instead. 

Warning Lights

Most cars are smart enough to know when something is wrong. If you see warning lights, check your car’s manual to see what they mean. This will help you know whether to drive to a mechanic or tow your car.

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