Give Your Car a Vehicle Inspection Once-Over

The regular government vehicle inspection cars are subject to can be a stressful event. If your car is relatively new, you should have little to fear. If yours is an older vehicle, you face uncertain results and potentially costly fixes to pass the tests. Different locales have different safety and emission requirements, but you can increase your odds of a successful test by preparing your car in the following ways before your official inspection visit.

Body Damage

An inspection issue most obvious to the eye is that of extensive body damage. You will need repair crinkles, dents, listing bumpers or any other signs of collision damage to pass motor vehicle inspection North Vancouver. Do these repairs for peace-of-mind in any case.

Lighting Concerns

Amazingly, many people find during an inspection or mechanical service one or more lights not working. This condition is not surprising considering the number of bulbs in a modern car. Have a friend walk around your car while you turn on lights, hit the flashers and pump the brakes.

Problem Signs

Start the engine and look for trouble-indicators, starting with your dash warning lights. You should be aware of what those symbols indicate when they appear. Take not of funny smells, smoke and fluid drippings.

Rubber Check

Adequate tires and windshield wipers are important for safe wet-weather travel. If you do not have enough new rubber on either, your car will be a danger during downpours, and it will need the items replaced. For tires, insert a coin into the tread, head-side facing you. If you can see the top of the figure’s head, you know you do not have enough tread left to pass inspection. Wipers must clear water without streaking.

When your car is due for a mandatory inspection, you need to prepare for the unexpected. If you go over your car with a critical eye before then, you may be able to mitigate any problems that will cause a testing failure.

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