3 Cross-Country Moving Tips

Moving across the country can be an exciting time in a person’s life. It can also be stressful, so to minimize stress it is a good idea to plan carefully beforehand. Find trustworthy movers, organize and pack possessions and make sure the new place is move-in ready.

1. Find Movers

Someone who is moving a long distance and has a lot of things that need to be transported may want to consider contacting a moving company. Licensed and insured movers can help the entire process go smoothly and save a lot of time and hassle. Moving companies can specialize in moving furniture and items or auto shipping nationwide if it makes sense to have the vehicle transported.

2. Pack Sensibly

Many things can be packed up early in the process. Clothing that is not worn often, books or seasonal items can be packed in clearly labeled containers. Packing a little each day can keep people from being overwhelmed on moving day. Do not make boxes too heavy to be comfortably lifted to prevent injuries. Labels can be affixed to boxes with the name of the room it belongs in, or color-coded stickers can be used instead.

3. Prepare New House

The new place should be ready upon the arrival of the new occupants. Arrange for utilities to be turned on ahead of time so that the new place will be comfortable to live in right away. If possible, visit the new place and make sure it that everything is patched, painted and working properly before moving in.

It is easy to get overwhelmed during any move. There are many things to think about but making and sticking to a plan can keep everyone on the same page. Reduce stress by thinking about everything that needs to happen and trying to get as many things accomplished as possible before it is time to move.

Daniel Maynard

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