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Agent 007's films have been a success for all those who have been involved in them. We always talk about the directors of the films, the actors who gave life to James Bond over the years. Or the beautiful women who have been the conquests of the secret agent. TheĀ impressive cars that have appeared in all James Bond movies.
We review the ten most affordable Ferrari on the market. Models that, despite having a whole Cavallino on the front -or maybe not-, the common mortal could get to let them. If your dream has always been to conduct a model of the house founded by Enzo Ferrari, this is your opportunity. Here is theĀ cheap Ferrari that you can buy.
We talk about BMW 840Ci. The Yuppies were delighted to buy the twelve-cylinder engine, eager to demonstrate how well they were doing with their stock on the stock market. However, the real good is the eight, a much more balanced and logical version than its predecessor. Hardly lost 13 HP and, removing the electronic speed limiter, they ran almost the same.
Buying a classic car is the goal that many motor fans have. The trend in recent years has been that cars increasingly lose their essence. In some a predominant aesthetic continuist and boring. In others, the electronics reigns completely and the sensations behind the wheel are lost. Or there are simply users who have a fetish model from a bygone era and now the time has come to acquire it.
There are many vehicles with a few years behind them, either because of their production, their benefits or for other reasons ... makes them interesting and that at this moment their price has dropped and most common mortals can afford. Maybe in their day they cost too much and you could not make the one you liked, so we show you 8 of those interesting future classics that now you can afford to buy them.
The clutch or clutch is an essential part of the manual cars so it is very important to give it the correct use and thus avoid a breakdown. The bad habits with which they end up causing a wear of the mechanism.
To extend the useful life of your car, performing a proper maintenance of the car is required. Spaniards hardly spend an average of $100 per month on the maintenance of the car, a small amount depending on the park we have and, especially, the age of the same. The amount is so low because many drivers do not adequately perform the maintenance of their cars, which in addition to not promoting road safety can cause major breakdowns of such a high cost of repair that would even force them to have to change cars.