Why You Need Van Accessories

Van accessories can suit a range of needs, allowing you to tailor it around your needs and usage, all without costing a fortune.

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Extras can improve security and boost the attractiveness or the carrying capacity of the van. Here we discuss the top van accessories and why you need them.

Van Security

It is estimated that a van is broken into every 23 minutes in the UK. With such worrying statistics, security is a priority for both keeping the contents secure and ensuring the van will not be stolen.

Visual deterrents like ‘no tools left overnight’ stickers and physical security like steering wheel and external locks can discourage opportunist thieves. Once you have attached the stickers to inform people of your tools not being in the van you might want to consider getting some Cheap Shelving Units Ireland products to store them all in your garage from sites including https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving.
Strong boxes can be added to keep valuable equipment and tools in, as well as window grilles for rear windows.

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Practical Accessories

Practical van accessories such as racking or on-board storage on the roof or hanging inside can enable you to carry more kit and tools.

Assess what your needs are before investing. If you carry long items, a roof rack may be most useful, and storage boxes are best suited for smaller parts.

Reversing alarms can be a useful accessory to warn pedestrians and road users.

Interior Accessories

Protecting the interior from the ruggedness of working life is important. Speedliner can be a useful addition, as can seat covers. Speedliner protects the van from dirt, scrapes and scruffs whilst providing a washable and practical van interior, ensuring it keeps its value.

Fitted floor mats also ensure the carpet underneath your feet is well protected.

Lighting Accessories

Sometimes the installed interior lights for the load area are not enough. Thankfully, there are plenty of LED bright lights to boost the light levels for your work environment which can be either wired into your van’s existing system or installed separately inside, such as battery-operated units.

Fog lamps and spotlights can also be installed to the van’s exterior, as well as amber beacons for roadside work.

Styling Accessories

Creating the best impression is essential for potential clients. A new set of alloy wheels can reduce the unsprung weight whilst making the van easier to drive.

Other kits such as cosmetic light bars and tinted windows create a flashier look whilst adding security, and light grilles can help protect the van against flying stones and debris damage.

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