How to Organize Storage in an RV

How to Organize Storage in an RV

Living in an RV, campervan, or other type of recreational vehicle comes with space constraints. With limited room to work with, organizing your belongings efficiently is essential for comfort and convenience on the road. Proper storage in an RV solution will make the most of every nook and cranny while allowing you to access items when needed easily.

In this guide for RV storage organization, I’ll share tips on how to declutter your rig, choose storage solutions, and effectively organize different zones like the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and exterior. You’ll find ideas for RV-specific organizers, multifunctional furniture, and ways to personalize storage to suit your lifestyle. Follow along to learn how to maximize your usable space so you can enjoy the freedom of RV living.

Step 1: Declutter Your Rig

Before installing organizers or storage furniture, it helps to purge items you don’t need. Clutter quickly accumulates in small spaces, so try to only keep essential belongings in your RV. Ask yourself these questions as you sort through items:

  • Have I used this in the past year?
  • Is this item essential for my lifestyle or hobbies?
  • Do I have multiples of the same item?
  • Would it be easy to purchase this again if needed?

Be ruthless and set aside anything you don’t absolutely require on a regular basis. You can opt to gift items to friends, donate them, or sell them to secondhand stores. Just get them out of your living space.

Pro tip: Take photos of valuable items before donating in case you want to repurchase them later.

Choose Versatile Storage Solutions

Step 2: Choose Versatile Storage Solutions

RV furniture and organizers should aim to be multifunctional, collapsible, stackable, and accessible. Since available space is limited, items that serve several purposes will make the most of the storage you have.

Modular, customizable storage is ideal for RVs. Look for shelving units, drawers, racks, and boxes that you can reconfigure to match changing needs. Storage that folds down or collapses when not in use also saves precious room.

Make sure organizers don’t clutter the living area. Seek streamlined pieces that tuck neatly into place. Storage that allows you to easily view and grab items is also essential for convenience.

Some great multipurpose RV storage ideas include:

  • Collapsible shelves that fold flush to walls
  • Storage benches with lift-up seats and interior capacity
  • Trunks and plastic bins that double as tables
  • Hanging canvas organizers for the backs of doors
  • Tension rod closet systems for unused spaces

Shop storage solutions made specifically for RVs to ensure they’ll fit nicely into irregularly shaped spaces. Customizable and modular components are key for adapting storage as needed.

Step 3: Organize the Kitchen

As the spot where you prep food and gather for meals, the kitchen sees a lot of traffic. Keep this space fully-functional by storing kitchenware where it’s accessible. Make use of every inch, including the often under-utilized area above the sink or range.

Use vertical space

Mounting wire shelving, hanging utensil organizers, and wall-mounted knife strips opens up storage along the walls. You can store bulkier appliance accessories on higher shelves. Then use lower shelves for everyday items like spices, oils, and cooking tools.

Optimize drawers

Use the existing drawer space efficiently with organizational inserts. Look for cutlery dividers, tiered containers, and non-slip mats to keep items neatly separated. Shallow RV drawers may require custom inserts.

Understand your appliances

Knowing the dimensions of appliances like the stovetop, oven, refrigerator, and microwave will guide you in finding compatible organizers. Measuring first prevents buying storage that seems fitting but doesn’t quite work.

Manage food storage

Designate sealable bins, baskets, or bags for pantry items like pastas, grains, and baking ingredients. Label containers to easily identify contents. Mount dispensers inside cabinets to hold bulk snacks. You can use tension rods or hanging shelves to double your cabinet space as well.

Corral small wares

Installing pegboard provides plenty of hooks for hanging utensils and pots. Mounted coffee mug hooks above the sink or range keep your collection neat. A mounted paper towel holder frees up counter space too.

Step 4: Get the Bedroom Organized

Your RV bedroom offers limited storage since it shares space with a mattress. But organizing essentials within reach, upgrading furniture, and going vertical provides ample storage in an RV.

Hang cubbies

Mounted wall units with shelves or fabric bins are perfect for tucking clothing, shoes, accessories, books, and electronics right by the bed. Use hanging cubbies, wall-mounted hampers, and over-the-door organizers to take storage off the floor.

Try space-saving beds

Murphy beds and slide-out bed platforms efficiently conceal the sleeping area. Above, you can install cabinets for storing folded clothing. Other space-saving options are lofts with built-in drawers underneath or futons with storage inside.

Add drawers under the mattress

Most RV beds have empty space underneath. You can customize this area by installing rolling drawers or storage containers. It’s a great place to organize clothing, extra linens, or seasonal gear.

Upgrade Nightstands

Swap out a basic nightstand for one with shelves, cabinets, or drawers built-in to increase bedside storage. There are RV end tables with convenient features too like electric outlets, safety handles, and fold-away surfaces.

Get the Bedroom Organized

Step 5: Get Organized in the Bathroom

In the RV bathroom where toiletry items pile up, effective storage is a must. Solutions like tiered shelving, hanging bags, and under-sink containers keep things tidy.

Maximize cabinet space

Install organizing systems inside medicine cabinets to neatly arrange toiletries. Spinning vertical towers are ideal for cramming shelves full while keeping them accessible. Suction cups allow you to hang storage pouches and shelves inside cabinet doors too.

Utilize the shower area

Tension rods with rustproof hooks add storage in the shower without drilling into walls. Use them to hang waterproof pouches with bath supplies or wet clothes. Install corner mounted shelves if you have unused space inside.

Mount toiletry dispensers

Door-mounted stainless steel organizeers with removable silicone bottles take toiletries off crowded counters and surfaces. Wall-mounted dispensers for soap, lotions, toothbrushes, and cosmetics work nicely too.

Under-sink storage

Maximize the awkward area under sinks with lazy susans or pull-out shelving on wheels. You can neatly arrange toilet paper, backups of cleaning products, towels, and bathroom essentials down below.

Step 6: Maximize Exterior Storage

The basement compartments, vehicle roof, and hitch receiver offer neat possibilities for keeping outdoor gear handy. Storage solutions that secure belongings, resist weather, and utilize vertical space are best.

Use cargo carriers

Mount enclosed cargo carriers to the roof or rear hitch for packing bulky equipment like chairs, grills, and tools you only occasionally need. Strapped toolboxes and cases can safely transport smaller items.

Opt for heavy-duty containers

Rugged truck bed toolboxes and sealed plastic storage bins handle the elements well in exterior compartments. Ensure containers include locking lids or security cables to deter theft.

Take advantage of doors

Hang storage pouches, mesh bags, and organizers on the backs of exterior doors to utilize all available space. Mounted racks can carry awkwardly-shaped items like folded camping chairs too.

Include a receiver hitch rack

Add secure bicycle racks or cargo trays onto the hitch receiver. You can transport outdoor equipment like kayaks, bikes, generators, and fuel cans using hitch storage designed for easy access on the go.

Personalize Storage Solutions

Step 7: Personalize Storage Solutions

Now that you’ve organized the essential zones using RV-friendly storage ideas, consider ways to customize things further to suit your daily habits, hobbies, and aesthetic tastes.

Label It

Apply removable vinyl lettering or chalkboard contact paper onto storage bins, baskets, and shelves. Labelling helps identify contents at a glance so family members can put items back quicker.

Show Off Collections

For prized possessions like souvenir mugs, figurines, or snow globes, install clear acrylic organizers rather than tucking them out of sight. Lit glass cabinet inserts highlight displayed items.

Account for Hobbies

If you have hobby supplies for crafting, fishing, golf, photography or otherwise, try to keep the materials centralized. Designate bins, shelving, or even entire cabinet areas to your hobbies.

Express Personality

Inject personality into the decor using patterned contact paper to line shelves or drawer interiors. Paint storage baskets bright colors that contrast cabinetry. Monogram fabric bins to assign to family members.

Getting creative with storage in an RV that feels cozy. But focus on function first before optimizing for flair.


What are some good RV storage ideas for small spaces?

For tight spots, use collapsible organizers like hanging shelves and under-bed drawers. Multi-tiered wire baskets maximize vertical storage too. Strap toolboxes onto walls or cabinet doors to utilize awkward gaps.

Where should I put frequently-used items in my RV storage?

Keep daily essentials at arm’s reach in your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Reserve high or hard to access storage for items used more seasonally like holiday decor.

How do I stop storage from shifting while driving my RV?

Suction cup mounts, velcro strips, tension rods, and non-slip shelf liner help keep contents stable. Avoid stacking items that could topple over. Use bungie cords or built in cabinet latches.

What items should not go into exterior RV storage?

Avoid putting cardboard boxes, electronics, fabric items, or anything damaged by temperature extremes or moisture in unprotected outside compartments. Risk mildew, warping, corroding, or cracking.

What can I use to help maximize vertical storage in my RV?

Vertical space savers include wall-mounted racks, hanging shelves, over-door storage pouches, adjustable tension rods with hooks, and multi-tiered wire cabinets that sit on counters.


I hope these storage in an RV tips give you plenty of ideas for corralling belongings in a small recreational vehicle. The keys are staying organized using multifunctional storage solutions, keeping daily essentials readily available, making the most of vertical real estate, and customizing things to suit your lifestyle.

Ensuring RV storage security goes hand in hand with creating a streamlined and versatile organizational system; by implementing some decluttering and clever storage tricks, even the most modest spaces in an RV can transform into a secure haven on the road, allowing you to focus on adventurous pursuits rather than constant reorganizing.

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