Number Plates For Bicycles – Why You Need them?

Have you ever wondered how many cyclists are on the roads of the UK at any one time? You’re not alone if you have because it’s an interesting question that gets people talking. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer to the question, so all we can do is make educated guesses and use the data that we do have to try to work out what’s going on out there on the streets, even if it’s just in our local area.

In the UK, number plates are very important, and not just on cars. When you get behind the wheel of your car, you’re required to have a number plate so other drivers know who you are and can keep track of your movements. Because of this same safety measure, cyclists in the UK also need to display number plates on their bikes as well, and here’s why…


Bicycle number plates protect your bike and make it identifiable if stolen. These plates are affordable, durable, and relatively easy to install. This can be key for many cyclists as London alone has almost 300 bicycles stolen every day. Buying a good-quality plate not only gives you peace of mind but protects your investment too!


These personalised plates are perfect for adding an extra layer of uniqueness to your bicycle. With bikes becoming increasingly more special and individual, these number plates offer another way to create and craft something bespoke to you and your bicycle that reflects your style and personality.

Not only do these number plates provide you with an added layer of individuality but they also help identify your bike should it be stolen or lost. Plus, these identity tags can be removed if you decide to sell or donate your bike.


A bicycle number plate is an easy way to identify and protect your bike, while adding an extra bit of style. They’re fairly inexpensive and available in lots of different styles including engraved metal and leather. These days, you can even buy them that double as wine charms – what could be more British than that!


Because it’s not only theft that you have to be aware of when cycling; there are also problems with motorists who often don’t know how to interact with cyclists on our roads. A number plate is helpful for drivers who might accidentally hit a cyclist, and means they’ll have evidence of having been at fault if they do. If a driver hits you and doesn’t stop, they can be tracked down through their license plate number. The more visible cyclists are to motorists, the more safety we all enjoy on our shared roads.


Criminals are smart and always looking for new ways to exploit others. In order to protect yourself from these crimes, you need to know what the safety precautions are for each form of theft.

A well-known type of bike crime is opportunistic theft. This means criminals will take advantage of cyclists when they have the chance, usually by snatching the bike from its owner or knocking them over before making off with it. Police Scotland reported 735 instances of this crime in Glasgow alone, so it’s vital that you stay safe when you’re out on your bike or cycling through town. To deter any potential attackers you should try and avoid going anywhere alone, carry some ID and never ride on busy roads or at night without lights.


Every day on my commute to work I see more and more cyclists. Recently I have also been hearing about new cycling laws that are about to be introduced, most notably for number plates for bicycles. This new law is largely due to people going missing and bikes being used as tools for burglary. One of the main questions I get asked by friends when they find out that I cycle often is whether or not we need number plates here in the UK? The answer is yes, but there are quite a few caveats that make it complicated at times.


A number plate on your bicycle is compulsory if you wish to ride on public land. This will save you from any fines and possible confiscation that you may receive without one. The cost varies depending on which number plate type you would like to purchase, where it is manufactured and how long it needs to be.

Where to buy the best number plates for your bicycles?

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