The Top 10 Picks of 2018: the best cars of the year

best cars of the year

The best cars of 2018 have an outstanding multifunctional performance and show that they are reliable, safe and rewarding. This indicates that they have achieved a high score in our strict road tests and extensive owner surveys. They have earned our admiration, and we recommend them with confidence.

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What it takes to be the best

To be a Top Pick, a model must have an exemplary total score within its category. This unique number consolidates road test performance, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety. A car with a high score on these 4 key measurements will be truly extraordinary.

Road test:  this score is based on more than 50 tests and evaluations carried out by experienced personnel in our Automotive Testing Center.

Reliability: we predict the probability of resistance of new cars based on problems reported by subscribers for more than half a million vehicles (in our most recent survey).

Owner satisfaction: we rate the satisfaction of the owner based on the percentage of owners surveyed who indicate that insurance would buy the same car again.

Safety:  all recommended cars must satisfactorily pass CR accident prevention assessments and must provide effective protection to occupants during crash tests conducted by the government or the insurance industry (if the vehicle has been evaluated). Models with standard frontal crash warning systems or automatic emergency brakes receive additional points. Read more

The Best cars of the year

Compact car: Toyota Corolla

best cars of the year

This practical and fuel-efficient sedan has all the virtues sought by small car buyers, backed by its solid track record of reliability. Despite its compact proportions, the Corolla has a relatively spacious interior with much room in the rear. The handling is safe and the quality of the trip surpasses those of its class. The average engine with moderate power will not thrill drivers, but it makes up for it with a stellar fuel economy of 32 mpg overall. On our freeway test circuit, the Corolla reached 43 mpg. Another very important fact: this car has as standard advanced safety features, which include the frontal impact warning, pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, the lane deviation warning and the assistance to conserve the lane. The Corolla is a smart purchase that will not disappoint you.

Price when evaluating:  $ 20,652 dollars.

Ecological compact car: Chevrolet Bolt

best cars of the year

The Bolt shows that electric cars do not need to apologize for the lack of driving performance. This distinctive-looking 5-door car provides energetic acceleration and tight handling plus an electric range of 250 miles at an affordable price (when tax incentives are taken into account). This purely electric car is built with a 60 kWh battery with a generous charge, which reduces the anxiety that you run out of power and stranded. The driver sits on top of the Bolt, with a commanding view comparable to that of a small SUV. Like most electric cars, the Bolt is surprisingly quiet and the noise from the road and wind is minimal. It takes some time to get used to the controls and, sometimes, the trip can be hectic. In summary. It is one of the best cars of the year.

Price when evaluating:  $ 38,424 dollars.

Compact luxury car: Audi A4

best cars of the year

The A4 stands out for being sporty, luxurious and refined in a segment populated by superstars. Driving is very satisfying and offers a light and safe handling thanks to its minimum body roll and effective steering. The controlled trip is rather firm but stable and absorbing. The powerful 4-cylinder turbocharged engine accelerates with gusto, always ready for a quick exit, but without hurting your pocket at the gas station. Upon entering the cabin of the A4, you find a high-quality interior. The controls provide a sense of precision and have a clean, modern look. The front seats are firm but comfortable; however, the space of the rear seats is reduced. The A4 is an exquisite sedan for demanding buyers. It is one of the best cars of the year.

Price when evaluating:  $ 48,890 dollars.

Medium-sized car: Toyota Camry

best cars of the year

The Camry has earned its reputation as a competent and complete family sedan. With its recent redesign, Toyota has added more style and precision in handling. In addition, Toyota increased its fuel economy to 32 mpg overall with the basic 4-cylinder engine, on a par with its smaller cousin, the Corolla. The LE hybrid version achieved an impressive 47 mpg overall in the CR tests and almost reached the specialized territory of the Toyota Prius. The Camry offers agile handling, an absorbent trip, and a silent cabin. (SE and XSE models allow buyers to add a sporty look at the expense of silence and comfort). This is one of the best cars of the year. The head-on collision warning, the automatic emergency brakes, and the lane departure warning are standard.

Price when evaluating:  $ 26,364 to $ 28,949 dollars.

Big car: Chevrolet Impala

best cars of the year

The Impala remains a gem among large cars and provides a driving experience similar to that of a luxury car. The spacious and silent cabin has an upholstery and high-quality materials. The controls are surprisingly intuitive and easy to use, including the infotainment system full of features. The spacious front seats provide support and comfort to the occupants and the rear seats are generously proportioned. Your smooth ride is really a highlight, as it absorbs potholes like a sponge. The handling is forceful, as we checked with our maneuver to avoid accidents and in the corners of our track. We like the V6 engine for its abundant and regular power. We recommend those who are looking for a car to consider the Impala. This is one of the best cars of the year.

Price when evaluating:  $ 39,110 dollars.

Minibus: Toyota Sienna

best cars of the year

The minibusses are the definitive solution to move people and their things. In this segment, the Sienna offers the best multifunctional package. Its long list of positive aspects includes a comfortable trip and a powertrain with a respectable fuel economy. Those looking for a minibus with 4 by 4 traction, will quickly realize that the Sienna is the only option available. The cabin is spacious, has comfortable folding seats and seats for 8 people. The interior is well decorated; the superior versions include exclusive materials and ornaments in the upholstery. Limited, elegant and top-of-the-line versions offer a second row of armchair-type seats with footrest.

Price when evaluating:  $ 38,424 dollars.

Compact SUV: Subaru Forester

best cars of the year

This is a practical SUV, a small and great design that prioritizes fuel savings, space, visibility and reliability over fashion or eye-catching. Entering or leaving the vehicle is easy, there is a lot of space for passengers and it has a good walk. The standard 2.5-liter engine provides decent performance with exceptional fuel savings. The available 4-cylinder turbocharged engine transforms the Forester into a much sportier machine. It has the 4-wheel drive as standard and provides a tenacious grip in all types of weather. It offers a comfortable grip and an effective handling. Key safety features, such as the head-on collision warning and the automatic emergency brake, are available on most models with the Subaru EyeSight package.

Price when evaluating:  $ 27,145 dollars.

Luxury compact SUV: BMW X3best cars of the year

Designed for 2018, the X3 is the best of its kind. This compact luxury SUV combines the enjoyment of driving, comfort, sophisticated technology and utility in an attractive package. It has a smooth and almost immediate power when you press the accelerator, even with the basic turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. (Drivers can opt for the 355 hp M40i engine for really exciting performance.) Accurate and sporty driving encourages drivers to test roads with curves. The firm suspension gives you comfort and safety and the X3 has a good performance to cushion potholes. The X3 is extremely quiet, well-equipped and offers spacious seating and an easy-to-use infotainment system; will fall in love with those looking for an exclusive SUV that is refined and fun to drive. It is one of the best cars of the year. Continue reading-  7 interesting cars for which we are looking forward to 2018

Price when evaluating:  $ 53,745 dollars.

Medium-sized SUV: Toyota Highlander

best cars of the year

SUVs with 3 rows of seats have become the favorite vehicle of many families. They provide traction for all types of weather and spacious interiors without looking like a minibus. The Highlander stands out in this range for its good performance, fuel economy and reliability. It benefits from the very appropriate size distribution: large enough for 4 passengers to enter, but small enough to achieve relatively easy parking. The Highlander has a good ride and safe handling. Recent updates have improved fuel economy and power, which increases the appeal of the Highlander. In addition, the entire range now includes advanced security features as standard. In general, This is one of the best cars of the year.

Price to evaluate:  $ 41,169 to $ 50,875 dollars.

Full-size truck: Ford F-150

best cars of the year

The vehicle with the highest sales in the United States is an impressive and innovative machine. The F-150 leads the pack thanks to its design, which reduces its weight, and the turbocharged 6-cylinder engine. This strategy achieves a remarkable 19 mpg in general, fast acceleration and towing capacity without effort thanks to the powerful 2.7-liter turbocharged V6 engine. It has intelligent features, from the Sync 3 infotainment system to the Pro-Trailer Backup Assist support system, which simplifies the tedious task of backing up while towing a trailer. The double cab features spacious rear seats and a place for tools and equipment. In short, the F-150 will not offer a smooth ride like a car or an SUV, but it is an excellent truck. It is one of the best cars of the year.

Price to evaluate:  $ 52,535 dollars.

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