Best portable ac for car

portable ac for car

In this post you will discover which portable car air conditioner suits your needs, where you can use it, some relevant technical aspects, opinions, the price as well as you will know if it is possible to use it.

What You Should Know About Portable Car Air Conditioner

An air conditioner for the car is generally used by drivers who have to take long trips or be behind the wheel all day. The most common use is in vans or private cars. However there are those who are looking for a device capable of refreshing the entire interior. In that case, it is necessary that you take into account the following aspects.

This type of air conditioner must have small dimensions. So that they can be installed properly in addition to guaranteeing the safety of users.

They generally have a power of 12V , which makes them practical and functional equipment to refresh the driver’s seat.

Although the marketing campaign indicates that they provide cooled air. These usually function only as a fan, very few actually do. It is one of the complaints that are heard most frequently, mostly by carriers.

Depending on the model you can use it for other activities. From on a boat during a fishing day to on a table in your home.

12V Portable Car Air Conditioner

portable ac for car

If what you need is to cool your car with a low voltage air conditioner. You can choose to buy Chengstore air. This ventilates fresh air after filling your tank for cold water, ideally air conditioning the interior of your vehicle.

It is perfect for all those who work in a means of transport. That is drivers who spend hours behind the wheel enduring the difficult temperatures of the hottest hours. It works like a fan, do not get any illusions about getting equipment that drastically reduces the temperature.

After keeping the driver’s seat at a comfortable temperature. Its second most notable advantage is the quiet operation of the equipment. It can also be mentioned that it works through a car cable or if you wish you can use an AC cable.

The input power of the equipment is 12V while the cooling power is 35W. Regarding the appearance of the equipment, it is aesthetic, neither very sophisticated nor very old, it is a standard equipment that fulfills its function without major complications.

It is economical, efficient and if we add the ease of being transported without a doubt we are facing an excellent option. It can also be used for other occasions such as traveling, camping, for your pet or office. In short, it has many uses that depend on you but of course you have to consider that it is a small air conditioner and does not have the same power as others designed for the home. Its price is $ 41.28.

Where to buy a portable car air conditioner?

It’s no wonder that shopping from comfort is a tempting option, which is why the most trusted, secure, and most popular buying / selling website is Amazon. This company offers us a wide variety of products, vendors and offers so that we can choose the one that seems most convenient, thus increasing demand and supply.

In this section you will discover some options available on Amazon as well as the average price of portable air conditioners for cars, it is necessary that you bear in mind that you can get better prices at certain times of the year, such as Black Friday or on special days where good discounts are offered.

Amazon car portable air conditioner

There are several models that you can find here, you just have to keep in mind that when it comes to portable air, energy consumption is the most important aspect and then the functions of the equipment. Broadly speaking, most of these have two basic functions: the fan and the air conditioning unit using cold water as a cooling medium. Here are two featured models.

Relangce portable air conditioner

It is a much smaller model than the usual car air conditioners, its design is practical, cataloged in the shape of a “cage” and allows you to direct the flow of heated air to where you prefer it. It can also be used if it is of your preference as an automatic fan.

Its low energy consumption of 12V allows it to be an ecological device, with optimal operation in hot seasons. Its use brings other benefits linked such as the elimination of bad odors from pets, cigarette smoke, or other related ones such as tobacco, as well as allowing the dispersion of dust.

You can adjust the speed thanks to its two modes. The first allows it to be light while the second option is fast. It is perfectly safe equipment to be manipulated by children and without posing risks to pets. This is because you can control the vertical flow only by 90 °.

In general, it works efficiently as a fan. It’s quiet so you don’t have to worry about annoying noises when you’re driving on the road. It is a very basic model and that is the reason for its price ($ 19.79 ).

Portable Car Air Conditioner Stage line Universal DC12V

portable ac for car

Aesthetically it is very similar to the Chen Store model but its normal price is $26.98. As usual in these air conditioners for cars, it has a power of 12V, which is quite convenient and functional to refresh the driver.

Once it has been turned on, its operation is very simple. It is responsible for expelling the hot air that is inside the car and for this you can use cold water, which manages to lower the temperature and create a pleasant environment as well as reduce the thermal sensation a bit.

Among its possible uses is not only cooling long trips but it is multifunctional and all-terrain, what do we mean? Because it is suitable to be used on boats. Small spaces such as on a desk or even if you want to go camping you can also use it inside the tent.

Portable air conditioner for cars price

Although the price range is variable, it is not very high, the cheapest has a price of $ 18.00 while the most expensive does not exceed $ 65.00. You must consider that both the quality and the functions of the equipment ultimately determine how much we should pay for them.

Here, not only the operational aspects matter, such as the number of speeds, functions, and the noise they emit while they work; but other aspects related to the resistance of the material with which the air conditioners were made. Likewise, the investment made in its components will determine its efficiency in relation to energy consumption and during operation.

The cheapest are those air conditioners that only have a fan to cool the vehicle, their prices do not exceed $20.00. Next are those in which a compartment has been integrated to add cold water and thus lower the temperature, these have a more variable range that is within $20.00  and does not exceed $ 55.00. Finally, there are those that integrate the previous functions plus the possibility of adding ice to achieve lower temperatures, they are the most expensive and do not exceed $ 65.00. Obviously, it also influences how quiet they are. If it is ecological and other facilities from which a user could benefit.

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