Tips for Finding an Import Auto Mechanic

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Although the US has great auto companies, such as GM and Ford, foreign competition is consistently increasing. However, foreign vehicles are made with different voltages and parts, so you can’t just go to any mechanic for the maintenance and repairs on imported cars. You may search for import auto repairs Big Rapids MI, but consider the following tips to find the best mechanic.

Ask About Training

Not only are imports different from US vehicles, but each type of import has different components. Therefore, before you leave your vehicle with a shop, find out if they have been trained on your vehicle’s manufacturer. For example, if you have a Mercedes, you need someone who has training in Mercedes repairs, not just foreign repairs. Ask whether they have certifications and understand how to analyze the diagnostics of your car. Learn whether the mechanic can actually fix your problem once the diagnostics come in. Make sure you check the credentials of the shop and any mechanic who will be working on your automobile.

Inquire About Tools

Foreign vehicles also require different tools than US-made products. These tools cannot typically be adapted from one manufacturer to another. If the shop doesn’t have the tools necessary to repair your car, you may be paying for the mechanic to purchase the right tools. The shop also needs modern diagnostic equipment for imported cars.

Research Reputation

Today’s digital environment makes it easy to investigate a shop’s reputation. You can search the Better Business Bureau for unsatisfactory practices or outstanding complaints. You can also search for online reviews. However, you should ask for and check the shop’s references.  

Ask About Policies

A reputable mechanic will stand behind the work done on your import. Therefore, ask about the shop’s policies. For example, does it offer warranties? If the parts fail or are installed improperly, will the shop replace or fix them? How long will they have your vehicle?

Protect your car and yourself by working with a reputable import auto repair shop.

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