Car Bubbles vs. Car Covers

Dust, water, oil and UV rays can all compromise the exterior of your vehicle. Find out how to compare car storage bubble and cover options for your specific make and model of vehicle. Explore the best products for short- and long-term storage solutions to prevent rust, faded paint and other damage to your vehicle.

Benefits of Car Bubbles

A car bubble is an innovative long-term solution for your vehicle storage needs. Unlike a cover, a bubble uses clear PVC and a high-pressure fan to create a sealed environment for your vehicle. A bubble completely protects your vehicle from moisture, animals, impacts and more.

Choose a bubble to create a durable area of protection without compromising airflow. A lack of airflow can cause mildew and mold issues, so the high-pressure fan changes the air inside the bubble between three and four times hourly. These features allow you to safely store a classic vehicle for long periods of time without worrying about mold or mildew affecting the leather and other interior details.

Benefits of Car Covers

Car covers are car storage bags that are flexible enough to be used indoors, outdoors, short term or long term. The exact features of your car cover depend on the material and design, but you can easily receive a custom-fit cover to match your storage needs.

Choose an indoor cover for lightweight dust protection and ease of storage. These soft covers aren’t designed for heavy water protection, but can prevent splashes, dust and minor flying debris. After you’re done with your cover, you can easily fold it up and store it in your garage or your vehicle.

Outdoor covers use a thicker material for water-resistant protection. Enjoy greater protection from scratches, scrapes and the elements as you store your vehicle outdoors. Covers can be used for long-term or short-term storage and can easily fit around virtually any make and model of vehicle. Avoid generic cover sizes and look for one that fits your specific vehicle.

How To Protect Your Vehicle

Even the best cover can’t protect your vehicle while you drive. A cover or bubble is only part of your car care routine. Find a quality car duster, wax and other products to protect your vehicle while you drive. Don’t let a car cover do all the work, but add it to your arsenal of products designed to increase the lifespan of your favorite ride.

A cover may protect your vehicle from dust and debris as it’s parked, but it’s up to you to wipe off any moisture or debris that collects while you drive. Routine cleaning and proper storage solutions work together to reduce the risk of scratches, scrapes and smudges.

Learn More About Protection Products Today

From the best car duster to a premier car storage bubble, find all the protection products you need online. Shop based on your make and model of vehicle for confident shopping and efficient storage. Use online reviews and product descriptions to compare many different indoor and outdoor covers and a classic storage bubble to prepare for any event.

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