How to reset service engine soon light?

How to reset service engine soon light

It is important to reset the check engine light after you have made the repairs that caused the light to come on. This way you can know if the light comes on because of a new problem in your car. Modern vehicles make our lives easier and easier and with all the technology that manufacturers have added to them, they can already tell us through their computers when something is wrong in your car and when it is time to do the monthly maintenance of the vehicle. Here, I will present how to reset service engine soon light?

The Check Engine Light or Service Light is an indicator that appears on the dash of the car when the computer or ECU registers a fault related to the powertrain or emission system. Faults can range from a loose gas cap to a serious engine failure.

How to reset service engine soon light

How to reset service engine soon light?

It is best to immediately attend to the check engine light and thus avoid more serious problems, in addition to the annoying light on the dashboard going off. However, many times after making the necessary repairs, the check engine light does not turn off.

Why does the engine light come on?

Cars leave the factory with ECUs designed to protect the car itself – in case of problems – from worse failures.

When the car is started, it checks all the systems, sensors and components of the car, so if it finds a fault, the engine warning light comes on and stays on.

The potential failure may concern the engine but also other systems that, in various ways, are relevant to the engine itself.

For example, here are other components that can cause the yellow engine warning light to come on:

  • Exhaust gas sensors
  • Real exhaust system
  • Accelerator pedal sensors
  • Engine ignition and starting system
  • EGR valve
  • Fuel system
  • Catalyst
  • Air mass meters or more commonly called mass air flow meter
  • Intake air temperature sensors
    etc. etc.

Engine light on for a real problem could therefore mean a malfunction in any of these systems. And in this case, it is a question of failures that should not be taken lightly. For this reason, I DO NOT RECOMMEND relying on the tutorials you find online to force the engine light off.

Only an experienced and honest mechanic can tell you in complete safety and transparency if the illuminated engine light on your dashboard comes from a real problem or is a false alarm.

As I said, there are many reasons that lead to its ignition, even a very trivial anomaly of the dashboard or a false contact in the warning light itself.

Here we tell you how to reset service engine soon light in the car.

1.- OBD scanner

If your car was built after 1996, this is the best way to reset the check engine light. With this scanner, you can turn off the light very easily and some of the auto parts stores offer the service for free.

2.- Disconnect the battery

Many times you can reset the check engine light just by disconnecting the car battery for a moment. However, this can also erase the memory of the radio and other onboard components.

Driving with the light on all the time can affect the function of the light. If you do not turn off the check engine light and some other sensor detects another fault, you will not be able to know that the computer has detected an error again and it can end in serious breakdowns.

You know that if you have to make a smog test, l will monitor your vehicle’s emissions record the reset codes, so you will not pass the emissions test if you take a car immediately after reset. Before attempting the smog test, drive the car at least 200 miles before taking it for an emissions test.

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