The Importance of Replacing Diesel Filters

Part of being a responsible vehicle owner is knowing when parts need replaced or worked on. While you may be familiar with oil changes or tire rotations, fuel filters must also be regularly checked and replaced. Below lists why this is important as well as how often your filter needs replaced.

Why Your Filter Needs To Be Replaced

In short, if you do not replace your filter, you are putting more strain and wear on your engine.  Fuel filters, as their name implies, help to filter out impurities found in the fuel, such as paint, dirt, and rust. If these items are not filtered out, they will go into the fuel tank. These unfiltered items decrease the effectiveness of the fuel. However, if you do have a fuel filter but have not replaced it frequently enough, all of those items are now stuck on the filter itself. This can cause a clog and make it difficult for any fuel to get to the fuel tank. As the engine receives less and less fuel, it will strain to work, eventually resulting in an engine failure. Since engines can be expensive to repair and replace, it is recommended to keep an eye on your filter and replace that as needed.

How Often Your Filter Needs To Be Replaced

Depending on your vehicle, your diesel filter may need to be changed every 10,000 to 25,000 miles. However, it is recommended that you check your vehicle owners manual. In the manual, it should say exactly how often to replace your filters. When looking at replacement filters, some can last longer than 25,000 miles, such as airdog replacement filters. Those filters do not need to be replaced for at least 35,000 miles.

In order to keep your vehicle in running order, it is important to care for all of its parts. Continue to care best for your vehicle by replacing your diesel filter when necessary.

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