5 tips to treat your new car like a king

new car like a king

New car, new life. It is likely that you have ever experienced the experience of the brand new car, and as you know, it is an extraordinary feeling. In fact, it is so extraordinary that many would like it to last forever. That’s why we’re going to help you make it possible with the help of you, which gives us all the keys to know  how you should treat your new car from the beginning so that it lasts for many years and meets all the requirements that need

You must bear in mind that you will have to dedicate part of your time to maintenance, to always have it ready, wash it (outside and inside) …, but many of these points can be very superficial if we compare it with the work that you can actually dedicate to your new family member. So take note.


One of the aspects that you must take into account is that you must respect the car’s shooting period. Therefore, you should not force the engine too much in the first  1,000 and 3,000 kilometers. Thus, the new machinery will finish adjusting and the cylinders will be clean of possible impurities.

One of the mistakes we make when buying a new car is to see how much it really runs, stepping on the accelerator. This is a very common mistake since these experiments can cause the pistons to move too quickly through the cylinders and extend possible imperfections through the motor walls. This, obviously, can cause long-term problems. Continue Reading- 10 tips for driving in bad weather: snow, ice, fog


But neither do you need to go at exorbitant speeds to over-  revive the car. We must avoid it whenever we can, and change gear when the noise of the engine starts to bother us minimally to guarantee a long life to our vehicle. But, above all, it must be borne in mind that during the filming period it is extremely important not to exceed the red line of the revolutions and always stay below the tachometer zone.

AVOID CRUISE CONTROLnew car like a king

The cruise control is increasingly in newer vehicles and can maintain the same speed during a journey. Many drivers use it on long trips and by road, to bring the constant speed without exceeding what is allowed. But during the filming period, it is important to avoid it, since maintaining the engine at a constant speed can cause problems.

LET HIM RESTnew car like a king

The illusion of having a new car makes us use it for almost everything. Even to go find the bread around the corner. But this is not recommended. The short distances in the taxi period is a  bad idea, since the engine may not get hot enough, which can cause permanent damage to the engine.


Many people open their new car in holiday periods, and also adds a trailer. Bad idea.  The trailer increases the load on the car, and if the vehicle must carry more weight, the engine will need more gas, something that, as we said, we have to avoid.

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