5 Best Car & Auto Shows in the U.S.

The United States is home to some of the best car and auto shows in the world. Nothing quite compares to the spectacle of getting together with some of the most passionate car enthusiasts and builders on the planet. These events are unique to each location but each one embodies a distinct history steeped in American traditions. The U.S. has been a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge automobiles, so it’s no surprise it’s also home to some of the most notable events in the industry.

Professionals and aspiring aficionados from around the globe come with new makes and models yet to hit the market, as well as DIY projects that are truly out of this world. If you enjoy building custom vehicles, especially tricked-out diesel trucks, now’s your chance to show off whatever you’ve been working on in your garage.

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Supping up your truck with aftermarket accessories can be a thrilling adventure, but it can also put stress on certain parts of your vehicle. Be sure to stock up on replacement diesel truck parts to make sure your creation can function properly on and off the road. If you are lifting your truck or using it to tow heavy machinery, you may need to modify the exhaust. Shop for replacement exhaust clamps to swap out the factor exhaust, so your engine can dispose of air as needed. Learn about some of the biggest events in the automotive industry, so you can start planning your trip accordingly.

Chicago Auto Show

The Windy City is still home to the largest auto show in the U.S. It’s been around since 1901 and still going strong today. Expect to see around a thousand different makes and models during the week-long event. It takes place every year in February at the McCormick Place Convention Center, just south of downtown. At 2.6 million square feet, it is the nation’s largest and most flexible convention center, according to the facility’s website. The event caters to all types of motor enthusiasts and tends to be a launch pad for some of the most hotly anticipated vehicles of the forthcoming year.

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North American International Automobile Show

America’s history with automobiles all started in Detroit. The nation’s largest automobile manufacturers are all headquartered in the city, so why not bring the event to them? This year’s show takes place in September with events spread throughout the month. The first few days are focused on industry technology, which is typically reserved for automakers and various professionals.

The public show runs from September 16th to 24th and features some of the biggest names and brands in the business. General Motors and Ford tend to dominate the affair, considering they have the home-field advantage, but international manufacturers are known to make an appearance as well.

Atlanta International Car Show

This booming industrial hub is starting to give its northern counterparts a run for their money. The Atlanta Car Show has been getting larger every year as the city increases its accommodations. The event typically features some 400 different makes and models with an emphasis on style and speed. Expect to see some tricked-out vehicles, some of which seem to defy logic. It takes place at the end of March every year at the Georgia World Congress Center, which is next to a 22-acre park and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home to the Atlanta Falcons. It tends to attract a wide range of people, especially families. There are several events designed for children, who are free to drive as long as they are eight years old.

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Grand National Roadster Show

If you like vintage cars and larger-than-life custom builds that barely make it through the door, head over to the Grand National Roadster Show in Sacramento, which takes place during the last few days of April. It is known for showing off a range of muscle cars, vintage makes, and models brought back to life, and hot rods with more painted-on flames than you can count. There are around 500 different kinds of vehicles on display any given year, including motorcycles, VW buses, and art pieces that belong in a museum.

New York International Automotive Show

The nation’s largest city is home to the country’s first auto show, which first took place back in 1900. This is by far the most international of the bunch with vendors and manufacturers from Europe and Asia in attendance. It runs during the second week of April at Madison Square Garden. It tends to feature advanced technology, exotic cars, and some of the biggest players on this side of the Atlantic. Electric vehicles have become all the rage at the NYIAS, over the last few years, as the city looks to greener alternatives. The event plays host to over 700 types of vehicles spread out across a million square feet of exhibition space.

Bring your custom car or truck to one of these events to become an active member of the automotive industry. You can show off your designs, stock up on new merch or get a sneak peek at what’s to come in the months ahead.

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