Which Items can you not send through the Post?

When enlisting the help of postage or parcel services for a delivery, it is important to consider what you are posting and what restrictions may apply, as some items are unsuitable for postage or are prohibited entirely.

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Dangerous goods are classified as hazardous liquids or chemicals that may cause harm to a person, property, or the environment in the event of a spillage. A list of examples is contained within the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

Prohibited and restricted items that are illegal or restricted under national or international law are also not suitable for postage. This includes weapons, tobacco, livestock, animals, and insects.

Valuable goods such as bullion, travellers’ cheques, high-value jewellery, antiques, passports and credit or debit cards are also not suitable.

Other items that do not fall under the above categories but that are still not suitable for carriage under the terms of many delivery network providers include drugs, prescriptions, designer goods, human remains and inks/toners.

Royal Mail will allow some restricted items to be posted, but they require that certain conditions are met in regard to volume, packaging, labelling, and the completion of all appropriate declarations.

With the complex nature of establishing which providers are subject to which rules, it can seem like a minefield to get goods to their intended recipient without the worry of confiscation.

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