Do you know this about recycling?

Do you know this about recycling

Over the last few years, we have all learned a lot more about recycling than ever before. With the current climate crisis, people are changing the ways they’ve always done things to incorporate new and more environmentally-friendly ways of living. However, there are still some items that can be recycled that most people don’t realise. Here are some of them and you may be surprised!

Aerosol cans CAN be recycled!

A meager half of all aluminum packaging was recycled last year, meaning there is a whole lot more that we can do in this area. Things you might not realise can be recycled include aerosol cans, if they are empty, cans of furniture polish, as well as air fresheners and items that come in aluminium foil trays, such as takeaways.

Do you know this about recycling

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There is no end to the recyclability of glass and metal!

These two materials can be recycled time and time again. They are able to be recycled an infinite number of times without any loss of quality. Materials that can be forever recycled – incredible!

Recycling has greater energy-saving benefits than you imagine

When products are manufactured from recycled materials, the process uses 95% less energy than making products from raw materials. This should be all the incentive we need to encourage us to recycle as much as possible.

Watch TV thanks to drinks cans

Just one can of soda is all you need to recycle in order to run your TV for about four hours. Even more reason to binge watch Netflix!

Today’s newspapers are not tomorrow’s old news!

Every newspaper in the UK is produced from 100% recycled paper and the process only takes a week until a recycle paper is back on the shelves as a brand new one!

More than 80% of recycled glass used in the UK

Recycling glass is awesome. As well as being used to make fresh jars and bottles, it can also be used as insulation for your home as well. Good for the environment and cosy!

Recycle your car parts

Did you know that some car scrapyards are DVLA and Environment Agency registered to recycle and reuse parts? They ensure that as much of the vehicle is reused and recycled as possible. For a Scrap Yard Birmingham, visit a site like

Recycling figures are improving

Last year a whopping 75% of food and beverage cans and 60% of glass bottles were recycled. This year, let’s make it 100%.

Do you know this about recycling

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Plastic recycling is not just for more bottles

Plastic bottles are not just recycled to produce even more plastic bottles. They are made into a wide variety of goods, including t-shirts, sweaters, furniture and children’s toys as well.

Put the kettle on!

Recycling just 6 tea bags is enough to generate the energy required to make a cup of tea. Do not forget you can put tea bags and coffee grounds in your food recycling caddy.

Waste not, want not

The UK wastes about 7 million tons of food each year and sadly, the majority of that food could have been eaten. Remember to write a shopping list before you do the weekly shop, try to avoid overbuying in promotions or think of interesting ways to use up leftovers.

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