How to clean car windows

How to clean car windows

Keeping the windows of the car clean is one of the most difficult objectives to achieve. Anyone who owns a vehicle can corroborate how difficult it is to keep them without stains for a long time since these have multiple causes, such as rain or the accumulation of dirt. All types of glass are complex to clean and the case of cars is no exception.

For the car windows to appear clean and transparent, you need to work thoroughly. And, even if you get it at first, you will be able to see certain signs of dirt a few hours later. It is an enormously thankless task but not impossible to accomplish. Find out how to clean car windows with the best products and methods by reading this article.

How to clean car windows?

How to clean car windows

Cleaning the car windows with water and neutral soap is one of the most effective methods for cleaning the car windows and side windows. Follow these steps to clean properly with mild soap and water:

  • Close all the car windows to prevent water from getting inside the car.
  • Use a hose with high-pressure water to remove dust from the windows and dirt and other accumulated dirt. It is the best way to add water without scratching the windows of the car.
  • Use a soft sponge or cloth to apply mild soap to the crystals. The sponge or cloth must be synthetic. In this way, there will be no remains on the surface, and the vehicle’s finish will be perfect.
  • Re-hose the water to rinse the crystals and remove any soap residue.
  • Wait a few minutes for the car windows to dry.
  • Finally, if you want to know how to clean the inside of the windshield so that it does not mist, apply a glass cleaner with the help of a dry cloth. If you let the windows dry in the sun without applying this glass cleaner, the windows may fog up.

Ammonia, vinegar and alcohol

In addition to the classic soap, there are several types of liquid to clean the car’s windows. The procedure to follow is always the same as that explained in the previous section, but substituting the neutral soap for one of the following products :

Ammonia: Cleaning car windows with ammonia is one of the most effective methods. It must be applied with caution due to the toxic components of the product, but it is the most effective glass cleaner for vehicle windows.

Vinegar: Homemade or store-bought cleaners that contain vinegar and soap are also effective for cleaning car windows, as the vinegar will add shine and disinfection. It is only necessary to add soap to the vinegar to create this liquid.

Alcohol: Dirt accumulated on the windows is effectively removed with alcohol. You should apply it after removing the encrusted dirt with soap and water. This is because, since alcohol evaporates quickly, it would not be useful on very stubborn dirt.

Moistened newspaper

In the internal part of the crystals, we cannot pour water under pressure, so we must use other techniques. The best trick to clean the inside of the car windows is to use moistened newspaper, follow these steps:

  • Use a bucket full of water and a cloth or cloth to wet the inside of the vehicle’s windows.
  • Dampen the newspaper with soap and water.
  • Make up and down movements with the wet paper to reach the entire surface of the windshield.
  • Rinse the crystals with clean water. Do it with a cloth to make the task easier and you can remove the traces of soap.
  • Wait for the crystals to dry.
  • Finally, apply a soft cloth to finish removing the washing residue. In this way, you will ensure that you show off your car’s pristine windows.


If you do not have or do not have time to get the above products, you can clean the car windows with a product usually in all houses: the dishwasher. Using dishwasher detergent can also be effective if you apply it correctly :

  • Squirt water over the glass with a hose to remove dirt, dust, and dirt.
  • Apply the dishwasher detergent with a sponge or synthetic cloth. The interior windows of a car accumulate fat over time and with this product, you will be able to remove it easily.
  • Then use the hose again to remove any remaining dishwasher detergent.
  • Let the crystals dry.
  • Finally, apply a glass cleaner with a dry cloth to remove the traces of water and detergent.

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