Car breakdowns that you can avoid with your driving


Check the level of the liquids, the pressure of the tires or practice a balanced driving will extend the life of our car and avoid more than one unpleasant surprise.

Our driving style can be the cause of some breakdowns, but also small shortcomings like not checking the level of certain liquids or the pressure of the tires. These are some of the small vices that we must keep at bay to avoid having to visit the workshop ahead of time.

Car breakdowns that you can avoid with your driving


Driving with the left foot constantly supported in the clutch generates unnecessary friction and long-term, a step through the workshop. It is the main cause of changing the clutch disc ahead of time.

The clutch must be used only when necessary, that is, to start the gear or change speed. An excessive friction in each cycle will slowly be filing down our drive causing the typical “skating”.


The particulate filter prevents the char from the combustion of diesel from entering the atmosphere. These particles are captured in the porous walls of the filter and destroyed automatic regeneration cycles. The problem is that these cycles take time to complete and require that the engine not is stopped for about 20 minutes. Interrupting this process more than three times can be synonymous with a workshop visit.

Using a diesel car on short, continuous trips without letting the filter regenerate is synonymous with long-term damage. It is better to leave periodically on the road.


Driving with the hand constantly supported on the gear lever, whether it is a manual or automatic car, will generate gaps in the elements between the lever and the gearbox (gears, bearings …).

Every small stroke, pressure or movement, is transmitted to the gearbox through the connections between its different parts. You have to keep both hands on the wheel immediately after each gear change. Continue reading- Aquaplaning, what it is and how to avoid it


Using water without antifreeze can give us an unpleasant surprise in winter. A frost can freeze the water in the system and break the weakest part: the cuff. Changing a sleeve is not a big cost, but the breakage of a running sleeve can cause the total loss of coolant and a much more expensive breakdown.


A style too sporty, aggressive and stretching the engine to the maximum will accelerate the wear of all the mechanical elements. Abusing acceleration and braking sharply will jeopardize any engine.

At the other extreme, driving with very low revs at low speed will have the same effect. Driving efficiently is fine, but without overdoing it.

The ideal is a balanced driving, taking the engine in the optimum range of revolutions marked by the manufacturer and taking advantage of, from time to time, an acceleration lane to give “a joy” to the engine, which will help eliminate any possible impurity or cinder.


Many times we forget to check the levels of our car. However, there are fluids where doing it is crucial. Specifically two: the oil and the coolant. Carrying the coolant low or circulating without it is synonymous with overheating and significant and expensive breakdowns.

To check the oil, on the other hand, it must be done with the engine cold and on a flat surface. When removing the rod you also have to remember to check the color of the lubricant. A very dark oil or with impurities will indicate that something is not quite right.


The tires are the only part of the car in contact with the ground and as such influences all aspects related to driving: stability, braking, steering … Carrying them with the pressure marked by the manufacturer will help us to last longer and the car responds better to our orders.

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