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Getting Ready for Winter Driving

As the colder months of the year are now upon us, we should be prepared for the ravages that winter may very well have in store. Winter driving is a particular safety issue throughout the United Kingdom. Considering that the 2015 statistics were expected to exceed 40,000 deaths, it only makes sense that this topic is taken seriously. Let’s take a look at some top tips that can keep you and your family safe.

The Importance of Antifreeze

Before the winter takes full effect, it is critical to make certain that the levels of antifreeze within your reservoir are topped up. However, you should also recall that the antifreeze is the same which is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. If not, a significant amount of engine damage can occur. Take a look at these other interesting facts to learn more about the importance of this vital fluid.

Tyres and Tyre Pressure

Never forget that tyres are your first and last defence against difficult road conditions such as snow and ice. Ironically enough, this is one of the very same areas, which many drivers tend to overlook. Check all treads and make certain that they are not worn. Unless you have an all-weather variety, purchase tyres specifically designed for driving in snowy and icy conditions. Finally, lowering the tyre pressure is another useful tip. This will allow more of their surface to grip the road. A greater surface area equates to more stopping power when it is needed the most.


Although it is important to check the various safety features of your vehicle, this is even more pertinent when the weather outside turns cold and unforgiving. Make sure that your headlamps and taillights are functioning, as they should. The same holds true for your emergency flashers. Are the windscreen wipers in good condition? If not, it is wise to replace them with a winter variant before the season takes hold. Finally, many authoritative websites suggest that you keep your petrol tank at least half full. This will help to prevent the fuel from freezing when the temperatures experience a severe drop.

Cruise Control

Applying cruise control is a common practice for anyone who is planning on a long trip and if the route is already familiar. However, this can actually present a risk due to the fact that your reaction times will be significantly decreased in the event that you begin to skip or slide. Get into the habit of driving manually. This can help to prevent you from automatically activating cruise control during potentially dangerous conditions.

Emergency Supplies

You should always have an emergency survival kit within your vehicle. In fact, this is an excellent idea to embrace throughout the year. Some of the most common supplies will include a small amount of food alongside a portion of purified drinking water. However, other items such as an emergency blanket (the reflective type) are great if you become stuck and are in danger of freezing. This blanket can also be used to signal other vehicles that you are in danger. A reflective triangle, road flares and a basic medical kit are some other concerns that should be addressed.

Tyre Chains

There has been some debate in regards to the use of tyre chains. Obviously, these will provide superior traction on nearly any surface. However, one of the main issues is that they can destroy the road underneath. Check with your local authorities to determine as to whether or not these chains are allowed within your region.

Heaters and Defrosters

These are not only a matter of mere convenience. A malfunctioning heater or defroster can present a real driving hazard. So, make certain that both are functioning as they should well before you undertake any journey.


This is another critical component to address. In theory and under normal driving conditions, your battery should be replaced every two years. A good time to check its charge is a month or so before the winter sets in. Should you find that it is not supplying full power or it cannot hold a charge, it is ALWAYS recommended to purchase a replacement; specifically, one that is resistant to cold temperatures.

A Trip to the Mechanic

Finally, visit your local garage and have a trusted mechanic peruse the vehicle for any further issues. He or she may indeed be able to detect problems that could have gone unnoticed.

By following these basic preparedness tips, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be able to negotiate even the most challenging of winter driving conditions. An ounce of prevention can indeed go a long way!

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Mistakes to Avoid When Driving in Wintry Weather

You know how the winter gets you skidding if you are not careful. On any other day you may be able to over speed but on a wet snowy road or when it has especially rained in winters, it can be near death experiences or ultimately a fatality.

In this article we have complied a list of reasons which you ought to avoid so as to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Take Steps to Prevent Rubber Directly Touching the Road

It is meant especially for those who reside near mountainous regions and where there is high probability of extreme winters to strike. The people there are often equipped to take safety measures as they have been born and bred in that environment.

If you happen to be driving in that area by any chance be sure to keep a chain on your tires or you won’t be allowed to travel up that road, anyway. There are also people who will provide you with this facility by applying chain to your tires and not just for car drivers but for motorists as well.

It is because if your japan car auction vehicle does not have proper traction then it can be a huge issue for the cars and as stated in the opening paragraph that lack of proper traction could lead to cars losing grips on the slippery roads to winter rain and/or snow.

Therefore, in order to ensure control and keeping other drivers out of the harm’s way, chains are required. Then there is the case of ‘balding tires’ meaning those which have lived past their prime and have witnessed immense wear/tear.

Such tires can prove to be threatening any time of the year and not just winter. So don’t wait, replace them and especially if it’s winter time.

Keeping Unusual Speed Despite Knowing The Conditions

Whenever you read the road signs, saying keeping the speed under certain limit it means that you shouldn’t be hitting that speed in the first place. However, under bad weather conditions or winters, the above rule is relevant more than anything.

The traffic police can even pull you over for over speeding or consider it as them doing you a favor for your own safety. The trick to understand which speed is suited as safe is to feel for your own self that if this is something I can keep the control or can keep it in check.

No sign board or speed limit or cap can teach you what is right speed, although can only serve as a guiding light. A general rule of thumb under such situations is to bring it down a notch – fourth of what you are currently going at, to be exact.

Not Being Prepared at All

The biggest blunder you can do (I won’t even label it as a mistake) is to set out in the extreme weather without being prepared at all for the trip. The ideal way to go about such situations is to always learn about the weather updates beforehand; how it is and how it can turn out to be in a couple of days or later in the day, for that matter.

With winters approaching or during winters, snow can make the navigation of your vehicle nearly impossible unless you have taken certain precautions. Even sleet can bring about similar results. At times you will not be able to see the road up ahead of you clearly.

Therefore, keep an accident preparedness kit on you at all times. Also, make sure stock your Japan Automobile Auction car with blankets, some warm clothes, flashlights, snacks, first aid and water etc. should you meet an accident. It is reported victims could have survived the crash or collision had they the basic supplies (as above) at hand.

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The 42% of the traffic accidents occur at night driving, a figure showing the risks involved when circulating during this time slot, decreasing your visual perception. We tell you the basic rules for driving at night with comfort and safety.

You must bear in mind that you receive 90% of the traffic information through your site: by the luminous feeling, the visual acuity and the ability to recognize the colors. These three processes are disturbed at night since the eye and the brain are subjected to a greater effort to be able to act quickly and effectively in any situation.