When Henry Ford made cheap, reliable cars people said, ‘Nah, what’s wrong with a horse? That was a huge bet he made, and it worked.

– Elon Musk

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How to Drive on a Motorway in the UK

Driving on a motorway in the UK is something that many drivers can be a little wary of, especially those that are new to driving and have recently passed their test, or people who haven’t driven in a long time. The high speeds can be something that makes people a little wary, but the key to motorway driving is having a good knowledge of safety and how the motorway works – if you learn about it, then you will feel more confident and comfortable with motorway driving.

How to find the obd2 port no power problem and fix them?

There may be many reasons for the obd2 port no power. The most obvious is that the car battery was disconnected or died (or battery terminals were not connected). Whatever the reason, the following are some temporary workarounds you can try without any other hardware tools.

4 Season Tires Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

The 4 season tires have become the ideal alternative for many drivers. Do you want to know what is special about these tires? As its name suggests, these types of wheels allow your vehicle to circulate throughout the year, regardless of whether it is winter or summer. It is a very versatile and comfortable option, perfect for saving time and space without putting your safety at risk. But, when is it better to opt for these tires and not for the classics? Are there any downsides to be aware of?

What causes no injector pulse in car?

Your car’s injectors can become clogged and not allow fuel to pass through the system resulting in a lack of power and performance. The following article discusses some common areas where debris may get trapped, causing an injector pulse problem. Have you been noticed what causes no injector pulse? A few simple diagnostic steps will help pinpoint the exact location of this issue.

Why the KIA Soul Is Such a Highly Desired SUV

You might be wondering why so many people seem to love the KIA Soul SUV. The reason so many people purchase KIA Soul models is that they have a variety of positive features mixed into one vehicle. Here are some of the features you’ll find in a KIA Soul:

How to clean car windows

Keeping the windows of the car clean is one of the most difficult objectives to achieve. Anyone who owns a vehicle can corroborate how difficult it is to keep them without stains for a long time since these have multiple causes, such as rain or the accumulation of dirt. All types of glass are complex to clean and the case of cars is no exception.

How to reset service engine soon light?

It is important to reset the check engine light after you have made the repairs that caused the light to come on. This way you can know if the light comes on because of a new problem in your car. Modern vehicles make our lives easier and easier and with all the technology that manufacturers have added to them, they can already tell us through their computers when something is wrong in your car and when it is time to do the monthly maintenance of the vehicle. Here, I will present how to reset service engine soon light?

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Japanese Cars

Japanese car companies are well known all over the world. Companies like Nissan, Toyota, and Suzuki have gained a lot of fame from the high-tech, comfortable and affordable cars they have made that have benefitted millions in the world, especially third world countries like Pakistan.

Japan has a vast variety of cars from manual to hybrid, from low-tech to high-tech, so people can choose what they would like according to their budget and preference.

  1. Reliability

If well maintained, Japanese cars can last up to 20 plus years. Unlike other American and European car manufacturers, Japanese cars are manufactured in simplicity which is why they are not too complex and can be handled manually as well. Small size cars, like Suzuki, are available so anyone can drive them easily without having to worry about getting them to hit.

  1. Service Centers Are Widely Available

People usually give their cars to the actual company so they can fix it properly without damage to any other part, or anything they would fear from a local mechanic. However, that would not be possible if there were not any service centers or just one present. Usually, Chinese car service centers are not available which is why people are hesitant to buy or import them.

  1. Technological advancements

Japanese car companies like Honda and Toyota are going through a lot of technological advancements like touch systems that can ease the use of entertainment and navigation in the car. The automotive industry has welcomed these technological advancements, making Japanese cars some of the best in the world, and building on their existing reputation for reliability.

  1. High Resale Value

Whenever someone buys a new car, an important factor that they will look into is the resale value. Will they go through a loss? A profit? Or nothing at all? Because at one point when new cars come, they would want to sell the old one, unless they want to keep more cars. An average car depreciates by about 60% over five years, but Japanese car manufacturers do much better. In 2018, Honda CR-V was awarded the best SUV for resale value.

  1. Availability Of Spare Parts

People tend not to buy cars that have parts that are rarely available. Firstly, it’s a possibility they would have to import them because of their unavailability, and secondly, when some parts are rarely available, they are stolen and sold at an immensely high price. So, there’s a possibility that parts like side mirrors can be stolen. However, that’s very unlikely in Japanese cars because spare parts are easily and widely available.

  1. They Are Practical

Japanese cars are great for daily use, dropping kids to school or going to work, they are perfect for it! They are spacious and are available in small sizes too since not everyone would want to take their big, expensive ride to daily work. However, they are pretty stylish, so there’s no chance it would look bad or cheap in front of your friends or colleagues.