When Henry Ford made cheap, reliable cars people said, ‘Nah, what’s wrong with a horse? That was a huge bet he made, and it worked.

– Elon Musk

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Different Types of Headlights For Your Car

Technology advancements have made it where picking out headlights is no longer a simple matter.  It’s easy to see why people think headlights are just normal lights that come with your car.  In today’s technology filled world, there are a bunch of different options when it comes to headlights and each option has its own advantage.

Headlights serve an important purpose on your car.  Losing your visibility at anytime just isn’t acceptable.  If you live in a place with a harsh climate, now you have the option to get headlights that provide more visibility.  Some headlights are designed to perform better in snow, rain or even hail.

This article will detail a few different types of headlights available for you to use in your car.


Halogen bulbs are bulbs that encase a bubble of halogen gas and tungsten filaments.  Before the use of tungsten filaments, headlights were short lasting and unreliable.  Halogen lights are great for general use and have a reputation for being long lasting.

One negative about halogen bulbs is how much heat they generate.  Halogen headlights draw 55 watts of power from your car.  A lot of this wattage is wasted as the energy is converted to heat instead of a brighter light.  Because of this halogen headlights are being slowly phased out for more efficient options.


Light emitting diodes can also be used as headlights.  Normally led lights are associated with Christmas lights or lighting up computer components, but they are powerful enough to be used in your car.

LED lights are very convenient because of their small size.  They can be designed into unique shapes and locations.  LED lights usually get around 15000 when used as headlights.  Considering the small amount of energy they use, this is quite an amazing feat.  LED lights probably have the most to offer in terms of efficiency.


Laser headlights are very new to the industry and have some exciting applications.  These lights work by focusing a laser through a cloud of yellow phosphorous gas, which produces a powerful white glow.  Laser lights can be guided by a computer and used to anticipate your path, even on winding roads.  BMW has said their laser headlights can light up the road 600 meters ahead of the car.  When compared to the 300 meters LED lights are capable of, this is quite impressive.

High-intensity discharge

High-intensity discharge headlights (also known as HID) are two to three times brighter than halogen headlights and provide a bright white glow.  You’ve probably come across high-intensity discharge headlights while driving.  Sometimes you’ll see a car behind you with abnormally bright lights.

Even though high-intensity discharge headlights are significantly brighter than most headlights, they don’t require that much power to use.  High-intensity discharge lamps use about 35 watts of energy compared to 55 for halogen bulbs.  Generally, high-intensity discharge lights can last around 2000 hours of use.

Top Reasons You Should Own an SUV

For most families, spending quality time together is very important but their busy schedules prohibit them from doing so as much as they would like to. Being able to spend time with your children uninterrupted is a vital part of creating a solid bond with them. One of the best ways to get the quality time that you need with your children is by investing in a new SUV. An SUV is a great way to get the time that you want with your family while being able to travel around the country. Getting repairs done to a new SUV is easy when choosing the right auto shop Toronto.  Here are a few of the top reasons why you should own an SUV.

Travel on Your Terms

One of the biggest benefits of buying an SUV is that it allows you the opportunity to travel on your terms and schedule. Travelling by airplane or bus means that you will have to adhere to the providers’ schedule, which usually takes all of the fun out of the experience. Travelling by SUV allows you to depart and stop whenever you so desire, which makes the commuting experience much more pleasurable for all involved. Instead of letting a corporation tell you when you need to be somewhere, you can make your own path and rules by owning an SUV.

Comfort and Privacy

Another benefit of travelling by SUV is that it allows you the privacy that you need when driving long distances. In most cases, planes and buses are usually packed, which leaves you feeling cramped and claustrophobic. By driving an SUV, you will have the freedom to do and stop wherever you want without having to worry about hundreds of other people on board. Most SUV’s are equipped with their own bathrooms and kitchen areas, which increases that overall level of comfort.

The Travelling Experience

For most families, the major benefit of owning an SUV is that it allows them to travel the country without having to pay outrageous bus fare or plane ticket prices. An SUV is very cost effective to travel in and the money that you have to pay for it will be worth it once you see how pleasurable your trips will be. The more comfortable your family is during the traveling process, the happier and more agreeable they will be. Anyone with teenagers will tell you how important comfort is to their overall mood and disposition.


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4 Amazing Gifts That You Can Consider Giving To An Automotive Geek

A gift is a great way to show your love to your loved one. The best way to show this love is to buy them something that matches their mind and lifestyle. It also makes it easy for you to pick a gift when you know the person better. Knowing what they like the most, you can pick a gift that is closest to their hearts. It makes them greatly happy and also gives you an everlasting joy when you see them holding on to your gift with so much affection. If your loved one is an automotive geek, here are some worthwhile gift ideas:

  1. A Garage Sign

You can now order personalized garage signs from various online websites. It will be a perfect gift for someone who is a true car enthusiast and loves to work in the garage. It is up to you what you want writing on the sign. You could have the receiver’s name mentioned on the sign or put something that reminds them of you. Besides the writing on the sign, you can also choose from dozens of different materials and shapes for the sign. Pick a sign that you think will make your loved one the happiest.

  1. Cordless Tire Inflator

Tire inflation can be quite a painful thing for car owners. The biggest problem with inflating the tires is that this work needs to be done frequently. Not keeping the proper pressure in your tires can give rise to many roadside accidents and risks. Now, with a cordless tire inflator, you can make a car enthusiast’s life easy. This cordless inflator has a digital meter on it and it automatically stops the inflation process as soon as your tire reaches the desired pressure. It is quite fast and is a great tool for regular travelers.

  1. A Car Charger

You live in a world where almost every person owns multiple electronic devices. The portable items have to remain purely portable to be practical. That’s why there are car chargers that allow you to charge your devices on the go. According to an expert from Gifts Ready to Go, a better gift would be to pick a car charger with multiple ports. This particular car charger will allow your loved one to charge multiple devices simultaneously. They could charge their tablets and smartphones at the same time. This will keep them from taking their nearly dead phone to the office.

  1. Massage Cushion

Long drives are often portrayed as the best romantic moments for couples. No one talks about the discomfort that comes with driving for long hours. Things can be even more painful if you drive an old classic. A massage cushion is a perfect item to be gifted to someone who drives for long hours or drives some old classic car. The massage cushion is heated and it actually allows you to become fresh as you drive. It is also an inexpensive item that you can gift if you are on a budget.